What About Nomos Watches? How About Nomos?

  NOMOS: German craftsmanship, the continuation of the legend of Glashütte watches
  Originally from East Germany, Nomos watches are located in Saxony Glashütte, which has a century of watch manufacturing history. Glashütte watchmakers use hand-crafted craftsmanship to create high-quality, uniquely designed manual mechanical watches. Nomos’ clear design awareness the performance and readability of a watch
  Where the Nomos factory is Glashütte, a century-old watchmaking town with a legend dating back to Ferdinand Adolph, the founder of the Saxony watchmaking industry
Lange (1815-1875) and his son. In 1845 Lange established a factory for the manufacture of watches in Glashütte. He personally taught his employees based on his unique ideas of quality, and helped many people set up their own studios. In just a few years, the mechanical devices and precision timepieces manufactured by Lange have become ‘highly accurate’ consent words and have even been appreciated by Swiss watch entrepreneurs.
  In the nineteenth century, Glashütte was known for making the highest-quality ornate watches. At that time, people said, ‘Glashütte’s Lange watches were not made for mass production.’ In fact, Lange’s pocket watches are really luxurious and rich, like Only intricate and delicate works of art can only be bought by the rich.
  Nomos’ Revival and Watchmaking Belief
  With the reunification of Germany and the rebirth of the traditional watchmaking industry, Glashütte’s unique style and influence as a center of excellence in watchmaking has also been reborn. As the first leader in the emerging watch manufacturing industry —
Nomos has inherited Glashütte’s century-old history of watchmaking, and has been able to create extremely high-quality mechanical watches, continuing the reputation of Glashütte’s birthplace, which is why Nomos has become a watch that Germans regard as a national treasure.
  Noland President Roland Schwertner believes that ‘design does not end with the appearance of the product, but continues in the design relationship between us and the people who wear NOMOS watches.’ Therefore Schwertner insists that every owner of a Nomos watch gets an ownership right. Proof (with the watch with the serial number purchased), the purpose of such a thoughtful design is to ensure that when this watch needs repair, it can be handled as quickly as possible. Schwertner believes that this service is integrated into the design concept of Nomos watches. Thanks to Schwertner’s insistence, the watches produced by Nomos today have reached a perfect state. Even in the most difficult environments, Nomos can still not change its To create an amazing watch.
  Glashütte, Saxony continues the tradition of making high-end watches, and in the nineteenth century was known for making the highest-quality ornate watches. However, in post-war Germany, Glashütte was gradually forgotten by the world. The reunification of Germany has promoted the rebirth of these watchmaking traditions. As the first leader in the emerging watch manufacturing industry, Nomos manufactures high-quality mechanical watches, once again enjoying Glashütte’s reputation as the birthplace of excellent watchmaking. .
  Nomos watches are handmade mechanical watches with exceptional quality and unique design. Only very good materials will be used in the structure of Nomos, and watchmakers use the most excellent craftsmanship to give the most careful care and attention in every part and every step of the production process. Nomos’ design is particularly focused on the performance and readability of each watch.
What about NOMOS watches?
  Comments from netizens 1: NOMOS, founded in 1990, is currently the only watchmaking workshop in the town of Glashütte that still maintains independent operation. It is also the first mechanical watch brand to use the name of “Glashutti” to make its name. The brand name is derived from Greek, meaning ‘law’ and ‘normative’. Like its watchmaking spirit, it focuses on the precise and practical functions of watches. In just a few decades, it has excellent watch quality and unique marketing. The strategy successfully developed its career map and became a watch brand regarded as a national treasure by the Germans.
  Netizen evaluation 2: Nomos is made in Germany. It was introduced in mainland China in April 2011. Everyone’s evaluation is good and it should belong to the mid-range (similar to Longines in Switzerland). The brand’s watches are well-designed and tasteful. It usually costs thousands of dollars and is worth buying!
  Netizen comment 3: I happened to be at the NOMOS factory in the small town of Glashutte, Germany. Although NOMOS does not have the luxury of two world-class brands A.LANGE and Glashutte across the street, its own hand-rolled movement is also worthy of the title of Glashutte. NOMOS is right next to the train station in the town of Glashütte. After you get off the train, you can see the prominent LOGO on the wall of NOMOS. Opposite it is the German Clock Museum, NOMOS is an authentic Glashutte.
With a budget of 10,000 yuan, buy exquisite watches with the essence of German movement polishing, non-NOMOS
205 is. Purchased from Hong Kong, 9,000 should be available.
  Netizen evaluation 4: NOMOS’s movement is a self-produced movement developed on the basis of ETA’s 7001 movement. There are two kinds of manual winding and automatic winding. Features are relatively thin and relatively stable. But the earthquake resistance does not seem to be very good; there are many types of NOMOS watches, but the 139 and 601 are sold a lot. It is very simple style, very beautiful. I think it can be paired with formal and casual wear, sportswear or outdoor. Even in various watch forums, NOMOS is basically divided into a grade like Amy, Longines, Baume & Mercier. But this brand is obviously less well-known. Not suitable for showing off.
  Netizen’s evaluation five: The watch factory purchased 7001 parts, all upgraded for various improvements, and all the errors are guaranteed within 0 to 8 seconds when leaving the factory; suitable for formal wear. NOMOS has won European watch awards for its elegant surface and precise technology with Bauhaus style (its handmade double-layer horse leather belt is also of excellent quality, and its life is about twice that of ordinary leather straps. It is made in Germany. The buttocks of the southern farming horse are specially made, and the entire process takes more than half a year); NOMOS because of the unity of the movement, the watch is a single small three-pin, the change is nothing more than the change of dial color, case shape or square or round Time scale Arabic or Roman or no numbers and so on.
  Netizen evaluation 6: NOMOS can be said to be the representative of German mid-range watches, using traditional German technology, German origin, unlike other brands use other people’s movements. The history of NOMOS is segmented, and the current NOMOS begins in the early 1990s; NOMOS watches are all German Bauhaus style, which is more Sven, not very rough style. Both use Cordoba horse leather straps, no steel straps. As for the craftsmanship, the iconic German craftsmanship of baked blue screws, 3/4 plywood, and rhodium plating are still retained, and the workmanship is very fine. However, it is said that the quality of NOMOS is not particularly good, and it may be related to his positioning. After all, it cannot be compared with powerful watches such as latent diving or Panerai.
  Netizen evaluation 7: It was very good, with some personality and characteristics. Beginning last year, I don’t know what the reason is, a lot of cousins ​​have successively reflected various quality problems. After all the brands are produced in large quantities, the quality is somewhat behind.
Recommended NOMOS watches
NOMOS Tangente 172 watch

No. 172
Series: Tangente
Style: Manual Machinery, 35mm, Men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 18,800
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap material: horse leather
Buckle material: stainless steel
Back penetration: back penetration
Function: Power reserve display

NOMOS Ludwig 205 watch

Number: 205
Series: Ludwig
Style: Manual Machinery, 35mm, Men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 13,800
Movement model: Alpha (Alpha)
Number of gems: 17
Power reserve: 43 hours
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap material: horse leather
Back penetration: back penetration
Water resistance: 30 meters
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