Introduction To Blancpain Classic Heritage Moon Phase Watch Series

The great return of the mechanical watchmaking era

From the tide to the changes in the mountains and the sea, the moon phase changes are endless. Blancpain’s watchmakers condensed the ‘stars’ and ‘time’ of this cosmic changing wonder into the wrists with a diameter of tens of millimeters, deducing a deep connection between astronomy and timekeeping. The moon phase table is naturally the most romantic and poetic expression of time.
The Legendary Blancpain Caliber 6395 Movement
C Caliber 6395 movement introduced in 1983, has a complete calendar moon phase complex design. This movement, which guided and inspired the revival of the entire mechanical watchmaking industry, made the representative watchmaking techniques of the past fade away with its birth. The combination of delicate date display and discrete windows of the month, detailed date hands, date markers arranged on the periphery of the dial and a smiling moon phase window on the moon all remind people of the almost forgotten manual watchmaking industry. Heritage quality.
The 1970s were the most painful and difficult days in the history of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. Cheap quartz watches flooded, flooding the world’s watch market, occupying the market share previously enjoyed by mechanical watches. In order to compete with the cheap quartz watches that were popular at the time, the mechanical watchmaking industry had to desperately cut costs on the original basis. The subtleties and complexities that have developed over the past century, representing the highest level of watchmaking technology, have gradually disappeared from the watch market due to the impact of reduced costs. Of course, the cost of a mechanical watch can never be as low as that of a quartz watch. Therefore, the price war is destined to end in the failure of the great mechanical watch family.
In the early 1980s, Blancpain discovered the problems faced by the mechanical watchmaking industry. To compete with quartz watches, reducing the production cost of mechanical watches cannot solve the problem. How to make mechanical watches attractive is the fundamental solution. Therefore, unlike the traditional watch making, which was simpler at that time, Blancpain did the opposite and made it more complicated and delicate.