Waterproof Watch Allows You To Fully Enjoy The Cozy Feeling Of Spring Rain

Good rain knows the season, when spring is here. The drizzling rain makes the world more hazy and beautiful. A watch with excellent waterproof performance can make your spring free, and feel the denseness and comfort of spring rain.
 Before recommending a waterproof watch, we need to understand what the watch is waterproof. The waterproofness of the watch depends on the waterproof rubber ring on the mirror, the back cover, the handlebar, etc. to meet the corresponding standards. All waterproof watches are marked in English with WATER RESISTANT or WATER PROOF on the bottom cover. Watches without waterproof markings are only dustproof and should not be exposed to water. 30 meters (3ATM, 3 atmospheres) waterproof watch, can be used for daily grooming or rain, that is, water droplets only splash on the surface without any water pressure on the watch. The 50 meter waterproof meter can be used for swimming and general housework, and the 100 meter waterproof meter can be used for underwater work such as swimming and diving.
Recommended watch: Mido Men’s Series M010.408.16.033.20 watch

 Creativity is always expressed through simple and strong contrasts. This watch is inspired by the infinite symmetry and infinite extension of the arcade of Emmanuel II of Milan, and it is perfectly integrated into the watch design. Created the classic appearance of the Belem Celli men’s watch. The transparent back cover allows you to clearly see the elegant mechanical operation of this watch, emphasizing the first-class characteristics of this watch. Elegant business style makes you not afraid even if you encounter heavy rain on the way to work.
Watch details

 The design of the hemispherical sapphire crystal mirror allows the reading to accompany the classic elegance. The restrained crown design makes the appearance of the entire watch more elegant and well-balanced. Equipped with a COSC-certified observatory movement. Dial diameter is 39 mm. Roman numeral time scales are more fascinating. Date display at 3 o’clock. Leather cowhide strap with crocodile pattern and folding buckle.
Recommended watches: Oris Aquis 01 749 7663 7185-Set RS

 The ORIS depth measurement diving watch designed by engineers based on Boyle’s law has applied for a patent from the credible and professional World Diving Association Revolutionising. The specially cut sapphire glass crystal is 50% thicker than the average. A small hole is designed at 12 o’clock to guide water into the round bezel that is polished into a round shape. Between points and 2 points. The skillfully refined design perfectly combines the face plate with the sealing rubber gasket. When the air is compressed by the increasing water pressure around it, water will enter through the small hole at 12 o’clock. The method of identifying the depth mark is to look at the color of the pipe in the inner circle. Water depth.
Watch details

 Ensuring the safety of divers is the first and foremost requirement. In addition to the innovative depth measurement diving watch, it can accurately measure the depth of the dive, not to mention the failure of the automatic pointer on the depth indicator or the delay of inertia. The performance is more prominent in pressing time. Stainless steel case with unidirectional rotating black porcelain upper ring, waterproof function 50 times atmospheric pressure. The new ORIS depth measurement diving watch challenges the new diving watch field. It not only walks in the forefront of the times, but also sets a new benchmark for the design and functionality of diving watches.
Recommended watch: Radar Star 658.0960.3.020 watch

 RADO Swiss D-STAR 200 Royal Star 200 series automatic mechanical watches usher in 10 powerful new models to demonstrate its excellent waterproof performance, whether it is daily wear or participate in underwater sports, Swiss Rado D- The performance of the STAR 200 Series 200 watches is impressive. Inspired by diving design, the Swiss Rado D-STAR 200 Series 200 watch is very eye-catching case design, this series is waterproof to 20 Bar. As the latest member of the RADO D-STAR series, the D-STAR 200 series watches not only have a completely new look, but also have precise Swiss automatic movements, non-wearing materials and never Compromised detail design. This new collection includes five chronograph watches and five classic three-hand models.
Watch details

 With its excellent performance, the RADO D-STAR 200 Series 200 watch can lead the wearer to confidently explore new waters and open new horizons. The Swiss radar D-STAR series inherits from the brand’s first hard-wearing DiaStar series launched in 1962. It is elegantly interpreted with a new modern atmosphere. Under the curved sapphire crystal, the big three hands Dial with date display window with magnifying lenses. A variety of precise details design, to enhance the wearability and practicality of the watch to a new level, such as high-tech ceramic bracelet or rubber strap.
 After introducing these waterproof watches, let them bring more joy to the spring of watch lovers.

Five Holiday Watch Recommendations

Here comes the Dragon Boat Festival. Some topics on the Dragon Boat Festival can be viewed online. A watch editor’s topic is naturally inseparable from the watch, but if you are willing to look down, you will find that I take daily life as the main line and bring the watch to your real life. Or you haven’t decided how to spend your holiday, so look here or find some inspiration for you.
Xie Ears VS Amy Masterpiece MP7048-SS001-000 Watch
 As of 10: 5 on June 8, Beijing time, the sixth season of the Big Bang Theory was updated to episode 24. Frankly, I did n’t follow the show immediately after the update, because I was reluctant to watch it. I believe that there is more than one person with this mentality. When a large number of American dramas hit, watching American dramas has become a way of life for many modern people. A sofa, a plate of fruit and a computer make up the holiday life of many people.


Watch Series: Ingenuity
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 38,000
Watch details: I often want to choose a watch for Xie ears. This Emmy craftsmanship watch uses a manual mechanical movement, which has absolute appeal for nonsense physicists. The fully transparent dial is even more Help him test and analyze how the machine works. I want to thank the ears for taking care of the body so much. Don’t choose a watch? That thing hurts my eyes for a long time. The 44 mm diameter fits his tall but thin skeletal structure, and the all-steel case can match his various T-shirts. I think if you and Xie ears are very attached, then you will definitely look at this watch. Bazinga!
Jeep VS Panerai Radiomir (historical classic) PAM 00292 watch
 On crowded roads, we often see big people being trembled by small-sized exhaust pipes. I think birds should fly among the trees, and fish should swim in the river. Look at your jeep. Is it still a jeep on the highway? Since the holiday is filled with fuel, don’t let the passion full of a few cylinders vent nowhere.

Watch Series: Historical Classics
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 45 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 62,400
Watch details: Of course, on the way, it’s not safe or cool to dig out your phone to watch time in front of a few brothers, so bring Panerai to try, eh! Instantly make you look good again! First of all, from the appearance, this watch follows the consistent tough style of Panerai. The 45 mm diameter is perfect for men’s wrist diameters. A 56-hour long power reserve can be a perfect excuse for staying out of the night. Bring a grill and beer before you go out. I think Panerai, who was with you at that time, was only used to record the driving time, not the frightening calculation to pick her up from work.
Airport VS Omega Seamaster 2573.70.00
 The happier thing than travelling abroad is to take a flight home. You always want no flow control, you always want to fly faster. Travelers who have been drifting out for a long time always have trouble speaking and feeling sad to outsiders. No matter how comfortable the cockpit can be compared to the happiness of sitting in the back seat of his father’s bicycle as a child. So you frequently watch the time and pray that the second hand of the watch can turn a little faster.

Watch Series: Haima Series
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 29 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 22,200
Details of the watch: The stainless steel case of this watch is indeed not luxurious but solid, and the 29 mm diameter is not flamboyant but intimate. The pure white dial reminds you that your parents’ love for you will always be the cleanest and clearest in the world. Huh? The person beside me brought a valuable watch, and the subconscious valuation would be higher than this hippocampus. What’s this Maybe I will fasten my cuffs if I change the environment for the occasion, but now I don’t care at all, because I can rush into my parents’ arms when I get off the plane and I’m going home. Or they don’t know Omega, but that doesn’t matter at all. What do you think?
Poster wall VS Dior La D de Dior series CD043963A001 watch
 Xiaoxin always feels that he can’t catch the summer. When the Dragon Boat Festival holiday comes, he immediately goes to the mountains and waters to take a selfie, and then comes to his homepage with a sentence: The headwind is easy to destroy, and he is inexplicably sad. However, for me, I did not grab the goods at a discount on May Day Shopping Mall. This is the real sadness. I know that green hills and grass are always there, but attractive discounts are not always there. So many girls, like me, have only one job during the holidays: sweeping goods!

 I am usually busy with work, and I can only dress myself up on holidays, and then go shopping with excitement. In addition to sophisticated clothing and makeup, fashion watches can add a lot to the overall look. This watch from Dior has a brilliant dial. The pure black strap can ‘press the array’ of the brightly colored dial, making the watch as a whole not to be too exaggerated. You must not have imagined such a magnificent watch, the interior of which is actually a manual mechanical movement. Just as under your lively and optimistic appearance, there is a mature and solemn heart hidden. Imagine if you take it shopping with you, not only will the rate of return soar, but the clerks will also take care of you because of your good temperament. Traveling with it in front of the city’s poster wall, it is beautiful and tasteful.
Bodhicitta vs Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Q2608110 watch
 The happiness in this world is the same, but there are thousands of kinds of sadness. Everyone has more or less pain and helplessness. If you are too tired, rest. Don’t do anything for the hard-won holiday, find a meditation cushion, sit down calmly, and let yourself down after meditation. Bu Yun’s life’s suffering stems from: resentment meeting, love can’t leave and ask for nothing. The thirsty desire brings us joy and also brings us the same amount of suffering. People have to learn to adjust their minds. Even when things change, you can find the balance between gain and loss.

Watch Series: Flip Series
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: No
Domestic public price: ¥ 54,500
Details of the watch: The Jaeger-LeCoultre flip watch has two dials, this design is exactly like the Dharma inspiration: one side is causality, and the other is fruit. The positive and negative sides are interdependent, resulting in perfect energy conservation. Everything is empty and the cause and effect are not empty. The automatic movement tells you to think and practice everything. The square case seems to be the frame of the Buddha’s ring, which means that only by restraining and controlling our desires will one day reach the other side.
In summary: A three-day holiday is actually not long, but if it can be used properly, happiness can definitely go beyond time. Even just daze or sleep. The significance of the watch is to let us find the existence of time in laziness and comfort. It can also be retracted between the beginning and end of the holiday. I want to do what I like, as far as I can, is the essence of the holiday. (Picture / text watch home Gao Yiman)