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This new design line in the engineer’s watch family is distinctive and easy to identify: the bezel of this sporty timepiece is equipped with 5 screws, replacing the traditional drilling, The glass bezel and case are connected together. The case of the engineer’s chasing hands (IW386501, IW386503) and the engineer’s dual time zone watch (model IW326403) are made of titanium.

 As early as the early 1980s, IWC introduced titanium and other materials into the watchmaking industry. Titanium is favored mainly for its excellent performance. It weighs only half of stainless steel, but it is resistant to corrosion, magnetic, and has the characteristics of excellent skin tolerance. As a result, both watches have titanium crowns, crown guards and buttons, and are coated with a complex rubber coating.

Double Championship Qualification

记录 In F1 ™ Formula 1, it is very important to record the lap time for technical parameters and race progress. The fastest lap in qualifying even determines the starting position in the race. So, to celebrate the collaboration between Schaffhausen IWC and the Mercedes-AMG F1 ™ team (MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One ™ Team), the latest engineer series is absolutely indispensable. . The split-second time within one minute can be recorded with the second hand, and the blue and white chronograph hands continue to run at the same time. Press the button again at the ’10 o’clock’ position, and the second hand and the chronograph hand are synchronized again. This allows lap times to be recorded repeatedly. At the 12 o’clock position, the hour and minute hands jump around the 30-minute dial. Its triangular tip runs for two full weeks in one hour.

The hour hand in the ‘6 o’clock’ position accumulator continuously moves the time along the half-hour scale. The slightly sunk accumulator, which resembles a tachometer, underscores the precision of this watch. Among the many displays, in addition to the date, the day of the week is also essential. The engineer’s chronograph titanium watch is water-resistant to 12 bar, with a silver-plated dial or a black dial with a black rubber strap.

Take control of time

Melbourne, Barcelona, ​​Monza, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, São Paulo, Shanghai-the international Formula 1 ™ Formula 1 race is spread all over the world, and the F1 ™ team travels from 20 to 20 tracks every year. Therefore, it is ideal for drivers and team members to see the time in different time zones at a glance.

The new engineer’s dual time zone titanium watch is equipped with an optional second time display, which is convenient for grasping the time. The dial shows the current time at the location and can be adjusted forward or backward in hours, even if it crosses the international date change line. When the second hand with a white tip runs on the dial, the second time moves synchronously on the 24-hour outer circle with the aid of a white arrow. In this way, the hometown can be seen at any time. In order to better distinguish between day and night, the upper half, that is, from 18:00 to 6:00, is slightly darker than the lower half. An engineer’s dual time zone titanium watch with a black rubber strap.

The case of the Engineer’s Chasing Chronograph Titanium Watch and the Engineer’s Dual Time Zone Titanium Watch is inspired by F1 ™ Formula One materials. Technically, these two watches can also match this top event: the chronograph chronograph is the best choice for calculating the lap time, while the dual time zone watch facilitates the reliable control of time during frequent time zone changes during the season .

Technical characteristics

Engineer’s chronograph titanium watch

Model IW386501IW386503

Mechanical chronograph movement — self-winding — date, day of the week display — hour, minute and second chronograph functions — small seconds with stop

Setting — Tracking hand to calculate split time — Screw-in crown


Calendar 79420

Vibration frequency: 28800 times / 4 Hz

Obsidian gems 29

Power reserve 44 hours

Winding automatic winding


Material Model IW386501: Titanium case, silver-plated dial, black rubber strap, titanium pin buckle

Model IW386503: titanium case, black dial, black rubber strap, titanium pin buckle

Table mirror Double-sided anti-reflective flat sapphire glass

Water resistance 12 bar

Diameter 45 mm

Thickness 16 mm

Mechanical movement

— Automatic winding

— Adjust the hour hand in hours (TZC = time zone adjustment device)

— 24-hour time display (second time) — Date display — Central second hand with stopper — Screw-in crown


Caliber 35720

Vibration frequency: 28800 times / 4 Hz

27 jewels

Power reserve 42 hours

Automatic winding


Material Titanium case, titanium dial, black rubber strap, titanium pin buckle

Mirror: Double-sided anti-reflective flat sapphire glass

Water resistance 12 bar

45 mm diameter

Thickness 13 mm

Engineer’s dual time zone titanium watch

Model IW326403

“Ingenious New” Swiss Athens Watch 2014 China Touring Exhibition Shenyang Grand Opening

On October 30, 2014, Ulysse Nardin (Athens), a Swiss high-end watch brand, made its grand tour in China, making its grand appearance in Shenyang, Shengjing, demonstrating the extreme watchmaking technology and innovation of Athens watches. Watch style. In recent years, adhering to the concept of innovation, the company has launched six new self-developed movements, marking the further development of the Athena watch on the road of independent movement research. The Athenian watch shows the mechanical soul of the watch to the world in a progressive and innovative way, adding new charm to the huge creative kingdom. These ingenious and historic landmark watch masterpieces will be presented one by one in this exhibition for guests to appreciate.

  Athens Watch was founded in 1846, and it has gone through 168 years. As the world’s top watch, Athens has become synonymous with its exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship and innovative ability under its long-term and long-term background. Athens originally started with a nautical clock. Its nautical clock is the most reliable nautical instrument ever made, and it has become a must-have instrument for more than 50 countries in the world. The ministry is known for making it one of the top names in the world.

The giant anchor logo at the door underlines the true nature of the Athenian watch as a chronograph.

  The attendees not only had media but also Shenyang’s Athens VIP customers, and everyone took photos in front of the background wall to commemorate this great moment together.

  Athenian Watch is the watch brand with the most Observatory certificates. As of 1975, Athenian Watch accounted for 4,324 of the 4,504 nautical timepiece certificates issued by the official Swiss Observatory.

  The Athens watch was founded in the 19th century (1846) in the era of maritime power. This special time and space background made the Athens watch and nautical watch with a history of more than 150 years inextricably bound. In the era of sea power, extreme courage and perseverance still can’t resist the fear of getting lost in the sea. In addition to relying on the sun and the horizontal line to identify the outward direction, the most needed is an absolutely accurate astronomical clock for calculating navigation. Orientation. The Athens Maritime Observatory Clock, which is famous for its precise functions, can calculate the difference to half a second to accurately calculate the latitude and longitude of the ship at sea. The Athens Watch has won a gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition with a bagged astronomical watch and a marine astronomical clock in 1878. It has passed the test of various extreme temperatures and severe conditions, and has established the leading position of the Athens watch in the field of marine watches. Fifty countries have designated Athens’s Marine Observatory timepiece as a professional instrument of the naval fleet.

  In 1862, Athens watch won the most respected ‘honorary award’ in the ‘Precision Timepieces, Pocketed Observatory Timepieces’ category at the London International Expo, making Athens a leader in the field of international pocketed observatory timepieces. status. In 1878, its pocket chronometers and nautical astronomical clocks won the gold medal at the Paris Universal Exposition; in 1893, the Chicago Universal Exposition exhibited a fine embossed astronomical design mixed with gold and silver. The scientific peerless crystallization, won the gold medal in the category of ‘Navigation and Pouch Observatory Timepieces’; Athens’ position nautical observatory timepieces won the first place in 7 tests of the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC. In 1915, Athens won the championship among the 60 observatory watches tested by the Washington Capitals Naval Observatory. These are all genuine gold medals.

  After understanding the glorious history of Athens, we first saw the enamel-themed watch in Athens. This is the legendary Saint Basil’s Basilica enamel watch.

This exquisite Russian egg carving base is the case of this watch. It is limited to 30 sets and sells for RMB 1,419,000.

Sailing boats have always been the eternal theme of Athens enamel watches.

This snake snake enamel watch has an inner enamel technology and is limited to 88 pieces.

This enamel watch can be said to be a tailor-made model for horses, priced at 380,800 yuan.

   After experiencing the magnificence of enamel, in this exhibition, I finally saw the real object of the legendary ‘Astronomy Trilogy’. This set of three watches is the transformation of basic ideas by Dr. Ockling with his excellent knowledge and enthusiasm for watches. A creative mechanical watch, this trilogy’s first Galileo astrolabe watch can show changes in planetary positions and zodiac signs, etc. This watch has been collected by the British Museum.

The second Copernicus watch displays accurate astronomical coordinates of the sun, moon, and planets.

  The third Kepler astronomical watch can show the movement of the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Tropic of Cancer, the seasons, times, and sunrise and sunset of various parts of the earth. These three watches are limited to a total of 100 sets and sell for RMB 3,976,000. .

  After reading the magical ‘Astronomical Trilogy’, we have come to the world of silicon in Athens, the first brand in the world of silicon to make watches in silicon. This is silicon crystal.

These triangles are a one-piece silicon pallet.

These are naturally silicon hairsprings. The biggest advantage of silicon is that it does not require any maintenance.

  This original marine astronomical watch is equipped with the UN118 movement with silicon escapement and a large fire enamel dial. This watch is limited to 888 pieces and sells for 254,000 yuan.

The above is the complete picture of the silicon escapement of the UN118 movement.

  In addition to enamel, astronomy, and silicon, the three questions of the moving puppet are also Athens’s strong points. This hunting minute watch, known as the ‘big forest’, is equipped with moving puppets, limited to 50, and sells for RMB 3,247,000. yuan.

This Freak Dark Lord with Athens characteristics has both Caruso and Tourbillon functions.

This tourbillon watch with sapphire crystal splint is also a major feature of Athens.

This skeleton tourbillon watch also uses a silicon crystal hairspring, with a power reserve of 170 hours.

  The Stranger Music Watch plays music when the Sonata button is on. Simply rotate the crown forward or backward to complete the winding, forward and backward adjustment of the date and set time and other functions. This creative master-level music watch continues the original innovation of the Athenian watch. It not only incorporates musical elements, but also applies silicon technology to the escapement and anchor escapement of the homemade movement UN-690. This watch not only has excellent functions, but also exquisite appearance design gives a unique aesthetic enjoyment. The large case and surface design incorporate beautiful lines, contrasting with the circular pattern on the dial and the Roman numeral hour markers. The back is beautifully carved. The ultimate craftsmanship shows more musical elements. The Stranger Music Watch is the first watch in the new music watch series, with a limited edition of 99, which is yet another peak in the history of watchmaking in Athens.

  This cathedral bell watch uses the repeater spring as the bell structure. It also has a 24-hour countdown and dual time zone display. The price is RMB 539,600.

   This Athens challenger perpetual calendar watch can be adjusted with a single crown for all date display before and after, even if the setting is wrong, there is no need to return to the original factory to open the cover to adjust the error.

  This moon fantasy watch is equipped with the self-developed self-winding movement UN-106 developed by Athens. It adopts silicon escapement and silicon hairspring to continue the precision manufacturing process of Athens watch. The dial of this watch is made of high-quality mother-of-pearl, with hand-drawn earth graphics, which is refreshing. The hands of the dial indicate the position of the sun and moon relative to the earth. Add the two-way mechanical winding device and the patented hour hand quick adjustment device of the Athens watch for added convenience. The unique charm of Moon Fantasy Watch allows you to enjoy the convenience of recording time, and at the same time experience the shock brought by its amazing aesthetic design.

  After looking at the tall models, we also look at the Athens-earthed models. The dial of this original marine chronograph is made of big fire enamel, and the design follows the taste of the ship clock.

Known as the green water ghost of Athens, this deep-sea diving watch is waterproof to 200 meters.

This Athens grand enamel dress watch is quite elegant and sells for 134,700.

  The mermaid diving watch in Athens should be loved by countless women. The whole watch is set with 51 diamonds and sells for 103,300 yuan.

After the exhibition tour, Athens prepared a grand and ingenious dinner for everyone.

The momentum of the dinner can be said to be in place, demonstrating the status of the maritime timing overlord in Athens.

   In the opening dance, there was a performance by the top ten contestant of China Good Dance, Gusri Gullen. He was known as the male god in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, and his vigorous dance fully expressed Freak’s domineering performance.

The subsequent electronic music ensemble will make the dinner atmosphere better.

   Bruno Dard, the global sales director of Athenian Watch from Frankfurt, said that innovation is the faith that Athenian Watch has always adhered to, and it is also the brand’s unique DNA mark. Since its establishment in 1846, the Athenian Watch has gone through a long and a half century. The Athenian Watch has always been courageous to explore, persistently and in-depth research, integrating science, innovation and imagination into the production of watches, and has continuously developed orders. Amazing great work of the world.

  During the dinner, one of the best and most active Chinese pianists in the international music scene today, was praised by the Western media as ‘genius pianists who can only produce one or two in a century’ ‘Pride’, and the appearance of the famous pianist Kong Xiangdong, the composer of the 2008 Olympic song ‘Forever Friends’, with Italian composer Giorgio Molodel pushed the atmosphere of the dinner to a climax.

Mr. Kong performed a live track of his latest creation for everyone.

  The audience was all moved by Mr. Kong’s piano. Mr. Kong said, ‘When one comes and one leaves, only music is with us, and music is exactly the art of time.’

  In the end, the dinner ended in a passionate dance, and everyone was still immersed in the legendary charm of Athens. The history of the Athens watch is a thick history of innovation, whether it is from the design of the watch or the development of the movement. , Is an outstanding brand that makes people look forward to, with its proud strength to prove to the world the timeless charm of classic timepieces. (Text / picture watch house Mao Zhuang)

Countdown To The New 2016 Tissot Motogp ™ Series

2016 Tissot MotoGP ™ series will show all the excitement, vitality and achievements of MotoGP ™ competition.
   The final race of the World Motorcycle Championship (MotoGP ™) this season will be held in Valencia. As the race progresses, everyone is focusing on the Tissot watch, which announced that it will compete with Dorna Sports (Dorna Sports). ) The contract is renewed until 2022. As the official designated timing and watch manufacturer, it will continue to provide indispensable timing support, making every thousandth of a second more important. In addition, Tissot’s outstanding ambassador is a representative of true sportsmanship. In this competition they will participate, Tissot will also launch the highly anticipated 2016 Tissot MotoGP ™ series and present their exclusive watches, It can be said to be the icing on the cake for this game. This cooperation allows Tissot to fully utilize its superb technology and timekeeping expertise, and, like the teams in the MotoGP ™ starting area, continue to push the boundaries in their field.
Mr. Tianbao, President of Tissot, and Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, announced that the contract will be renewed until 2022.
   Mr. Tim Bao, President of Tissot, said: ‘The pursuit of excellence in MotoGP ™ reflects the same spirit of Tissot, so we are proud to continue our cooperation with MotoGP ™. These new timepieces in tribute to MotoGP ™ celebrate our partnership and Tissot The watch is an important timepiece manufacturer and continues to provide absolute accuracy. ‘Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta also responded:’ These new watches present the highest quality of watchmaking technology, so we can rely on the official timekeeper. The long-term cooperation between manufacturers Tissot watches, MotoGP ™ and Tissot watches by 2022 has also made Dorna Sports proud. The past 14 years have proven to be a perfect cooperation. In the future, we will grow and thrive with Tissot watches together. ‘
2016 Tissot MotoGP ™ Series
   The 2016 official Tissot MotoGP ™ series, as always, presents the above features, while combining technological innovation with a cool and sporty aesthetic; these two timepieces showcase all the excitement, vitality and achievements of the MotoGP ™ competition. The first is a fully automatic Tissor T-Race MotoGP ™ 2016 limited edition watch; the second is a sporty T-Race MotoGP ™ 2016 limited edition watch.
Tissot’s outstanding image ambassador is a representative of true sportsmanship. Tissot will launch the highly anticipated 2016 Tissot MotoGP ™ series and also present their exclusive watches.
   Tissot’s successful collaboration with MotoGP ™ of the International Motorcycle Racing Association (FIM) began in 2001 and continues. Through trackside advertisements and TV screens broadcast on global media channels, Tissot watches have gained considerable exposure, and benefit from social media and special experience reception areas will have a richer exposure.

Jaeger Jaeger-lecoultre Dating Series Sonatina Slightly Painted Natural Beauty And Beautiful Alarm Clock Music Sound

Following Jaeger-LeCoultre’s date series moonphase watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched three new Rendez-Vous Sonatina dating timepieces in praise of “Quiet Nature” ‘. Each of the three elegant timepieces expresses femininity in different and unique ways.

There are three Rendez-Vous Sonatina dating time series watches. Each micro-painted work is meticulous, deep and meticulous, and there are slight differences, which contain the personality and enthusiasm of craftsmen

This time Jaeger-LeCoultre presents the orchid, which symbolizes elegance and charm, and the butterfly, which represents transformation, hope and vitality, using guilloché pattern, mother-of-pearl micro-painting technology and gem setting technology to present it on the watch face. The face is embellished with a wavy guilloche pattern, highlighting the subtle and charming subtle colors of mother-of-pearl, which are complemented by light pink, green or purple tones. The master craftsman sketched the delicate composition composed of orchids and butterflies one by one on the shimmering background. The delicate oval diamond ring makes the micro-painting pattern more eye-catching. A flower-shaped window is displayed among the flowers for day / night display.

The delicate gold stars set on the edge of the dial are used to mark a specific appointment time, and can be adjusted by the second crown. When the set time comes, the watch will play a clear and beautiful music

This watch showcases the feminine and feminine qualities in a poetic and whimsical way, highlighting Jaeger-LeCoultre’s extraordinary skills. The watch is equipped with a self-winding 735 mechanical movement produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre, specially developed for the Sonatina watch. The transparent sapphire case back can be used to appreciate its operation.

Rendez-Vous Sonatina dating watch

Rose gold material / 735 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second display / day and night display / dating time display / alarm function / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 38.2mm / limited 8 pieces / reference price: 710,000 RMB

Rendez-Vous Sonatina dating watch

Rose gold material / 735 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second display / day and night display / dating time display / alarm function / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 38.2mm / limited 8 pieces / reference price: 710,000 RMB

Rendez-Vous Sonatina dating watch

Rose gold material / 735 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second display / day and night display / dating time display / alarm function / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 38.2mm / limited 8 pieces / reference price: 710,000 RMB