Baoji Breguet Opened The World’s Largest Specialty Store In Shanghai

Breguet celebrates the official opening of the world’s largest specialty store. The boutique is located in the Langham Hotel, Xintiandi, Shanghai, covering an area of ​​598 square meters, showing the grandeur of the brand. Breguet is committed to an increasing number of customers in Shanghai who are increasingly demanding to present elegant boutiques that complement the work of the brand.

Marc A. Hayek, President and CEO of Breguet Breguet, went to China in person to cut the ribbon for the brand’s 33rd specialty store. The third Breguet Museum on the second floor of the boutique is also open to the public in Shanghai. At the same time, Breguet recommended Breguet, the pioneer of timepiece invention. Preview of the Tourbillon Inventor in China. This retrospective, which began in Geneva in 2013, traces the most significant major invention in the history of horology.
 Breguet carefully selected the most prestigious address to open a specialty store. The brand seeks to enter a symbolic place, which can reflect the brand’s history and personality, and highlight the brand’s amazing cultural heritage and technological innovation. Therefore, Baodi decided decisively to open a new store in Shanghai Xintiandi, which combines tradition and modernity. This prestigious Shanghai New District is a fusion of Chinese culture and Western style, with top merchants and boutiques lined up, and Breguet’s brand-new specialty store is even more western.
The Breguet Langham boutique is a veritable architectural jewellery. Covering an area of ​​598 square meters, the layout is three stories, hidden behind a self-supporting glass wall. This store uses a new design concept and uses unique LED technology to spread the beam from a distance of 8 meters onto the glass wall. In addition, the walls are decorated with exquisite Parisian studs and three-dimensionally extend to the stone part of the building. The decorative pattern created in this way shows the overall consistency of the different materials used in the store design.

 The appearance of this magnificent specialty store is also unique. Breguet welcomes customers for the first time in an oval space, like the first watch in Breguet’s horological history created between 1810 and 1812. All the details are meticulous and carefully placed, and the visitor is immediately immersed in the charm world of the brand. As the visit progressed, the Breguet specialty store led the public on a wonderful journey through time and space.
The furniture furnishings on the first floor are rounded and perfectly echo the lines of the building, further emphasizing the watch factory’s product series. While the viewers stop to appreciate it, they leisurely think of Abraham-Louis Breguet as Mary-Anthony and Napoleon A masterpiece of watches made by aristocratic celebrities such as Bonaparte.
 The third Breguet Museum in the world, after Paris and Zurich, was opened on the second floor of the boutique. The museum houses antique timepieces that make up the brand’s legendary historical heritage, witnessing the brand’s glorious past. More than twenty masterpieces covering about 200 years of history, including pocket watches, travel clocks, pre-ordered watches and even marine precision timepieces, are presented to the public. The 2667 pocket watch is one of these three masterpieces of watches including Breguet’s three dual-caliber watches to verify resonance. The other two were sold to King George IV of England and King Louis XVIII of France in 1818 and 1821, respectively, and are now kept in a museum in Jerusalem. This watch was made in 1814 and was repurchased by the Breguet Museum in May 2012. It is precious and is by far the highest auction price of Breguet antique watches.

 Finally, the store’s top floor takes visitors to Switzerland. With interactive themed videos, Breguet enthusiasts can discover the superb craftsmanship of watchmakers in the Jurassic Valley Breguet Watch Factory. The art of carving, fine chamfering, polishing or embossing are all profound watchmaking skills. Baichuan Huihai is precisely the ancient watchmaking technology that makes each Breguet timepiece unique since 1775.