Hublot And World Cup Counterparts Referee Chronograph Participate In The Progress Of The Event

Nowadays, the World Cup is in full swing. In the flames of national competitions, in addition to the players running on the football field, the referee is also a compelling member. The referee The right to punish players during the game and take into account the progress of the game time, so the referee is also the key to the smooth running of the World Cup. When watching the game, I wonder if you have paid attention to it. Hublot’s watch-the Big Bang 2018 World Cup referee watch in Russia, and uses smart technology from Hublot for penalties.

  Hublot, as the first official chronograph of the World Cup, has been deeply integrating watch design with the progress of the game. Hublot was commissioned by FIFA to design a watch for referees that can instantly display the dynamics of the game. Witness the exciting moments of the game.

   High-tech smart watch
  This limited-edition watch uses the classic Big Bang design, with a classic silhouette made of titanium, and 6 screws on the bezel. It integrates Hublot’s classic design. This smart electronic watch design is very Flexible, the watch is preset with 32 dials with different national flag patterns and two regular dials. The strap is designed to be easily replaced by a ‘one-touch’ quick replacement.

  In addition to the conventional smart functions of this Big Bang 2018 World Cup referee watch worn by the referee, this watch is associated with the door line technology. This technology can track the entire trajectory of the football with the help of electronic video. When entering the line, the watch will vibrate in real time and display the ‘GOAL’ logo to indicate the track trajectory, that is, whether the goal is scored or not, this watch can be objective and fair. The referee judges the game and shares the exciting match points to the watch in real time. This technology is of great significance for the World Cup. This is also a major breakthrough in watch technology and has laid a solid foundation for future technical development.

   In addition to this function, the watch also has a variety of intelligent reminder functions, such as the pre-match time preparation function, the match penalty function, the number of red and yellow cards, the key player name or replacement situation, the score and so on. Referee-made.

  ‘The Big Bang 2018 Russia World Cup Referee Watch is not just a smart watch equipped with conventional smart functions, Hublot gives it more innovative technology and bold design-a fusion of the passion and the spark of all football. The World Cup is The most sacred event in the minds of football fans, such a watch that can provide real-time dynamics of every exciting moment, turning point, thrilling moment of the World Cup, etc. is of great significance to fans. I believe that fans of watch lovers have already It’s waiting! ‘— Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

  Hublot’s complex and diverse high-tech design skills have been an important reason for the cooperation of the World Cup in recent years. Hublot watches are not constrained by the design of conventional market requirements, and have been committed to integrating various elements such as technology and art into watch design. Really, it is not just watches that are worn, but a technological product or artistic civilization.

  In 2018, Hublot watches went with the World Cup, and through the watches, the exciting dynamics of the championship will last forever! (Picture / Text Watch House Qiu Shiya)