Low-key Luxury Comment On The Radar Hao Xing Series Gray Chronograph Watch

The use of every new material in watches is not only a bold innovation, but also an attempt to give imagination. In 1986, Swiss radars used ceramics in watchmaking, opening a new era in watchmaking. Radar watches have always been a brand that is at the forefront of fashion, but also a brand with strict watchmaking tradition. The production of ceramic watches is not only a reflection of fashion elements, but also an interpretation of superb craftsmanship. Today’s Watch House brings you a low-key luxury radar watch, the official model: 650.0118.3.010.

   This watch uses the design of the central three-pin, indicating the time with streamlined hands and hour markers. In addition, the watch has a repeating timer function. There are three small dials on the dial that show the repeating hours, minutes and seconds.

Radar Haoxing 650.0118.3.010

   The case of this watch measures 45.0 x 51.0 x 13.0 mm and is made of dark gray high-tech ceramic. The watch is also equipped with a three-row ceramic strap, which is also dark gray, with a titanium folding buckle. The body of the watch is grey, decorated with noble and striking rose gold, low-key and luxurious.


   The crown of the watch is made of stainless steel with a rose gold PVD coating. The color changes make it more luxurious and noble. The side of the middle crown is decorated with pits to facilitate the adjustment time, and the radar anchor logo on the top is beautiful and delicate. The upper and lower crowns adjust and control the timekeeping function of the watch.


   The strap is a dark gray three-row chain link strap. The strap links are polished and rounded. The watch strap is made of high-tech ceramic with a black titanium folding buckle. The buckle is decorated with Radar English name ‘RADO’.


   The watch case is 13 mm thick, with rose gold finishes on the left and right sides, magnificent and luxurious, and elegant. The case is sleek and polished. The scale is marked on the bezel of the watch, and there is a three-dimensional layer between it and the case, which reflects the precise detail of the radar watch.



   The watch’s dark gray dial uses simple structured hands and hour markers. There are also three small dials on the dial to display the repeating chronograph function, and a date display window between the dial’s four and five o’clock positions.


   The watch’s lugs and case are integrally formed, and the link with the case body is smooth; while the lugs and the case present a slight angle, which can ensure that the watch and the wrist fit better.

Summary: This watch uses a low-key charming gray to shape the theme, decorated with elegant and noble rose gold, combining low-key and luxury, reflecting the precise grasp of the watch production. This watch is equipped with a 42-hour automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve inside. It has stable and excellent performance and is luxurious and charming. It is very suitable for formal wear.