Girard Perregaux New Dlc Titanium Case Three Bridge Tourbillon Watch

The new DLC titanium case with three bridges tourbillon watch reinterprets the movement technology created by Girard-Perregaux in the 19th century and undoubtedly brings the watchmaking process to the third millennium. Level, let the mechanical structure of clocks leap to the level of dynamic art.

   The courage to innovate has always been driven by pure conviction, and slogans of outstanding people who routinely create new models. The three-bridge tourbillon watch has been an amazing work since its birth. Its unparalleled minimalist craftsmanship has been circulating for 150 years. Still renowned throughout the watchmaking world. With the advent of the new century, Girard Perregaux continues to innovate, giving this classic design a new look. The new tourbillon watch, developed by the watchmaking team of Girard Perregaux Manufacture, is closely related to the taste changes of watch enthusiasts, but always pays attention to quality, pursues perfection, and keeps up with the technological essence of the times. The original intention remains unchanged. The new three-bridge tourbillon watch validates the technical potential of Girard-Perregaux GP, highlights its glorious history, and reflects the value of its heritage.

Traveling between history and modernity

   Just a glance is enough to make people understand how the new three-bridge tourbillon watch interprets its style principles without departing from the design blueprint as much as possible. The new three-bridge tourbillon watch uses a new aesthetic concept, combining modern and trendy design with its pioneering craftsmanship and materials that it has always been proud of, attracts and maintains the attention of watch lovers, and reaches the most Good effect. The newly shaped bridge plate, with its curves, highlights the infinite power of this watch, like the one exhibited by Constant Girard-Perregaux at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889 and won a gold medal The watch expresses this concept with the geometric design of its bridge.

The bridge to the future

   The structure of the three bridges allows the world to see every detail in a hollow way, while making them lighter. The three bridges are made of titanium. This metal weighs almost half the weight of steel. Each bridge is sandblasted and then covered with PVD coating, so that it presents the exclusive quality of high-end watches. This hollow The three-bridge structure is a tribute to modern architectural styles and is sometimes seen as a redefinition of the laws of the universe’s gravity. This view is quite reasonable, because the arched sculptural support of the tourbillon frees the balance spring from the influence of gravity and realizes the innovation of timepieces, so it has extraordinary value.

Tourbillon architecture

   In order to maximize the three-dimensional effect and attract the wearer’s eyes-and then capture the wearer’s heart, engineers and watchmakers redesigned the dial, and also used a black sandblasting process to allow the center of the dial to absorb light and deepen the perspective. This irregularly fragmented center formed by three intertwined light gray circles creates a sharp contrast in color. The delicate dial is also designed as a bezel, protected by raised crystals, forming a large window where you can watch the amazing tourbillon. This tourbillon is also made of titanium, and like the traditional stainless steel version, it is top-level watch-finished, with a ‘textured’ surface and hand-chamfered ridges. The tourbillon rotates one minute per minute, with a diameter of 14.44 mm. It is equipped with 80 parts. The total weight is only 0.25 grams. When it is timed to cycle, each balance spring is adjusted by a series of gold screws. hertz.

Shape and number processing art

   This new three-bridge tourbillon movement has a superb mathematical structure that achieves perfect balance. At first glance, I would think that this GP09400 movement is composed of only a few parts. In fact, it contains 245 parts inside. They are divided into a collection of sub-components to assist the movement to complete its operation, and all tourbillon components are polished to the highest watchmaking standards. At the same time, this tourbillon is also the result of the large-scale development of selected technologies including Girard-Perregaux’s unique processes such as automatic winding.

Amazing continuous power

   Take the platinum automatic disc as an example. It can wind the barrel spring and is placed under the barrel, instead of surrounding the barrel like the other three-bridge tourbillon. This special design thanks to the use of a larger diameter barrel, which accommodates longer springs, giving the watch a power reserve of up to 60 hours. The watchmakers chose this style of design, so that the teeth on the barrel were lost and replaced by a screw wheel. The screw wheel is engraved and chamfered, with six arms, forming a unique decoration like a turbine blade, and its repetitive patterns also appear on the other visible screw wheels of the movement.

The essence of the new tourbillon

   Obviously, the new three-bridge tourbillon watch with a DLC titanium case and an alligator leather strap with a diameter of 45 mm and a water resistance of 30 meters has a transparent case back. The bottom cover gives watch enthusiasts a glimpse of the internal parts of the movement, which also includes a design specifically used to capture the three-bridge tourbillon rotation process. Therefore, the arrow-shaped bridge can be seen through the entire movement from the bottom cover. Also, you can see a seven-string harp-shaped ratchet and other parts of the movement at 12 o’clock. In addition, the entire movement is designed with multiples of multiples of 3 or 3, and is processed in accordance with Girard-Perregaux’s strictest watchmaking tradition.

Girard Perregaux’s new three-bridge tourbillon watch

Technical Parameters
DLC coated titanium case
Diameter: 45 mm
Crystal: Anti-reflective sapphire
Crown: Titanium engraved with GP logo
Pointer: Crown Princess style pure gold skeletonized pointer
Bottom cover: Sapphire crystal, fixed with six screws
Water resistance: 30 meters (3 ATM)

Girard Perregaux GP09400-0002 movement
Automatic mechanical movement
Movement diameter: 36.6 mm (16 law minutes)
Thickness: 8.21 mm
Vibration frequency: 21,600 times per hour-(3 Hz)
Power reserve: at least 60 hours
Number of gems: 27
Component parts: 245
Main dial: PVD coated and sandblasted
Three bridges: three PVD-coated titanium bridges, arrow-shaped, sandblasted
Clockwork box: The upper screw wheel is cut out, chamfered, polished, ring grained and engraved

 Tourbillon frame: contains 80 parts, total weight is 0.25 g
Rotate once a minute
Hand-chamfered and polished upper and lower frames
Balance wheel: variable moment of inertia function, with gold fine adjustment screw
Gossamer: Philip End Curve
Winding system: Platinum miniature rotor, assembled on the same axis as the barrel

Function: Tourbillon, hour, minute, tourbillon small seconds

Hand Stitched Black Alligator Strap
PVD coated titanium folding clasp on ceramic surface

Reference number: 99270-21-0000-BA6A

Gorgeous Moments In Jewelry Exhibitions

For the two major events in the watch and jewelry circle-SIHH Geneva International Watch Salon and Baselworld Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, watches must be the main theme of jealousy, and jewelry is also important in the double exhibition Movement, especially for the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show, a gorgeous scene not to be missed by jewellers. Therefore, we must not talk about the materials of jewellery when it comes to the prosperity in the world. First of all, for brands with watches and jewelry, Chopard, de GRISOGONO, and Gucci all have comprehensive performances in watch and jewelry. Mkimoto’s luxury pearls also shine at the Pakistani show.

Chopard launches 3 new jewellery collections

   The Precious Chopard series is one of Chopard’s important haute jewellery watch series. At this year’s Pakistan show, Chopard not only launched a variety of precious gemstone jewellery watches in this series, but also launched the same series of high-end jewellery to echo it. It’s like a grand prom.
For more details, please click: Happy Dreams series is Chopard’s new accessory jewelry series, inspired by the brand’s classic Happy Diamonds style, giving agile diamonds to the beauty of jewelry. There are many styles of necklaces, long pendants, rings and earrings. Some are diamonds flowing between sapphire crystal glass, and sometimes diamonds are flowing in the space of mother-of-pearl background, such as flowing between clouds.

   Chopard’s Temptations series launched in 2011 added a new member to this year’s Pakistani show and staged the temptation of jewelry with food. Red tourmaline, spodumene, tsavorite, amethyst, paraiba tourmaline … a variety of natural gemstones with colorful colors and designs that are as seductive as candy and macarons.
Read more: GRISOGONO In addition to sexy skeletons and sexy jewelry

   de GRISOGONO is quite unexpected this year to count those two jewellery watches with skull designs, but in addition, de GRISOGONO’s new jewellery styles are also not to be missed. There are many styles and bold designs to maintain their consistency. style.
Fun and freshness in Gucci jewelry

   The Gucci Flora (flower) series is very interesting. The blue sapphire luxuriously inlaid flower shape ingeniously integrates a small skull in 18K gold, which makes the overall design instantly full of personality and fun.

   The new Icon collection includes rings, bracelets and matching pendant necklaces. Using three materials in warm colors: 18K yellow, rose gold or white gold, blending floral elements and brand identity, whether it is paired alone or mixed and worn, it is modern.

   The Le Marché des Merveilles collection features animal shapes as its main design theme. The shapes are rich and eclectic, including tiger, snake and bee jewelry made of gold, silver and precious stones.
For more information, please click: 20160321 / 37093.html

Fredy Barth Named Carl F. Bucherer’s New Image Ambassador

In 2010, Swiss racing athlete Fredy Barth ushered in the first peak of his life at the World Touring Class Championship (WTCC) World Touring Car Championship. He is a perfect example of loyalty to dreams, courage to pursue, strict self-discipline and perseverance. His perseverance, which is not easy to compromise, and the philosophy of life in which he does not follow his own dreams, coincides with Carl F. Bucherer’s values. . As a result, Fredy Barth will be the new image ambassador for this independent watchmaker based in Lucerne.

Today, the 30-year-old ambassador shows his persistence and courage. He took great pride in his goal. ‘Living for dreams is better than nothing after death’ is his motto-it is this creed that urges him to become perfect. Having had lymphoma at the age of 18, he overcame the disease with a spirit of willpower.
Since then, his career has also been thriving. In addition to his brilliant achievements in sports, he also won the 2000 Winfield World Challenge and successfully passed the graduation exam. He founded his own company. Today, he has become the world’s best racing driver, a highly sought-after driving instructor, and a very special guest in every field. In addition, he spared no effort in participating in philanthropy, he has invested in ‘Children and Cancer-Swiss Research Foundation’ for many years.
Source: Carl-F. Bucherer

Audemars Piguet Appeared In New York Fashion Week For Four Consecutive Seasons

Audemars Piguet participated in New York Fashion Week to present Michael. Bastian Spring / Summer 2014

Audemars Piguet is honored to be invited to participate in Michael Bastian fashion week shows for four consecutive seasons. The 2014 Spring / Summer Series exhibition was grandly staged at The Pierre. The hotel is legendary and it is the perfect occasion for Audemars Piguet to showcase its new collection.

Audemars Piguet participates in the Michael Bastian Spring / Summer 2014 Fashion Week show.

创作 This season’s creation is inspired by the innate temperament of French men. Audemars Piguet watches, combined with balloon red, French blue, white, navy blue, pineapple yellow and gray-green, blend men’s custom-made clothing, sportswear and accessories, exquisite and extraordinary. This season Michael showcases Audemars Piguet classics-Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore, as well as Jules Audemars and traditional collections. Singer Alice Smith wore an 18K rose gold, diamond-inlaid Jules Audemars series ultra-thin watch to attend this show.

‘I want to introduce more colorful and pleasing styles this season-I boldly tried to mix and match various elements to create unexpected shapes-unconstrained, simpler and more sexy, showing the French man’s temperament. Inspiration was first From the observations of French men in life, as well as movies such as ‘Red Balloon’, ‘Dream of Paris’, and films by Jacques Tati. I was also inspired by the late American designer Patric Kelly’s outstanding spirit and happiness-no one can say more about his love of Paris. I often think that the true essence of a place can only be reflected through the eyes and experiences of outsiders. To me, Patrick is right The impression of Paris—bright, romantic, fanatical and fashionable—is with me, ‘Bastian said. Michael. Battisian’s favorite watch is the classic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak chronograph steel.

A Contest Between Precision And Speed-rolex And Motorsport

Rolex seeks to establish a connection with its own, active pursuit of passion, excellence and precision. In this way, it is naturally attracted to the motorsports world. As early as the late 1950s, it formed an alliance with the sport by becoming a partner of the Daytona International Circuit.
Since the 1950s, Rolex and Daytona International Circuit have reached a close cooperation
    On June 16, 56 cars will kick off the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours. As the main promoter of top motorsport events, drivers and institutions, Rolex is proud of it. By supporting the tradition of extreme challenges such as the highly competitive Le Mans 24 Hours and protecting the historic Pebble Bay car cruise, Rolex has formed a special relationship with this speed-seeking sport.
Passion based on good history
    This collaboration dates back to the early 20th century, when Hans Wellsdorf, the dream entrepreneur with extraordinary entrepreneurship, founded Rolex. In that era of popular pocket watches, Wellsdorf foresaw the importance of providing accurate timepieces to the increasingly frequent public and set out to pursue this challenging business.
    In 1910, Rolex watches were certified for the first time by the official watch rating center in Biel, Switzerland. This is the first certification issued by the center to watches. In 1926, Rolex invented the Rolex Oyster, the world’s first waterproof watch. This watch benefits from a case equipped with an independently patented structure, which consists of a screwed bezel, the back of the case and the crown of the mainspring. A year later, to prove his invention, Hans-Wellsdorf had Mercedes-Gilis swim across the English Channel wearing a Rolex Oyster. This Rolex watch was soaked in sea water for more than 10 hours, but it still kept perfect timing when it was ashore. And this young British woman also became Rolex’s first brand spokesperson-because she witnessed the outstanding quality of Rolex watches.
    In 1931, Rolex improved the Oyster and added the world’s first automatic winding device, the permanent tourbillon, a pioneer of contemporary automatic winding structures. Under the leadership of Wellsdorf, Rolex has organized events around the world to demonstrate Rolex consumption, and has continuously proven its reliability under extreme conditions, whether on land, at high altitude, in the deep sea or on the top of Mount Everest. In connection with so many achievements, Rolex has become a trusted benchmark for precision, stability and reliability of precision timepieces worldwide.
    At the same time, Rolex and its products have been evolving, constantly pursuing perfection. As part of this evolution, Rolex watches made with only the finest materials and the best designs in the industry have become synonymous with elegance and honor.
    To pay tribute to the great 24-hour endurance race held at the Daytona International Circuit, Rolex carved the Daytona on the dial of its famous cosmograph Daytona watch. Since then, the Rolex brand has appeared in more and more car races.
Rolex Daytona
At the forefront of Hyundai Motorsport
    Since 1992, Rolex has been the title sponsor of the Rolex Daytona 24 Hours in California, USA. Since 2001, it has become the world’s oldest sports car endurance race-Le Mans 24 Hours. Official timer. Through its strong alliance with the Le Mans 24 Hours, it is also proud to be a sponsor of the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship.
    Rolex is proud to sponsor the Goodwood Vintage Racing Club (UK), which showcases cars produced before 1966, and the Rolex Monterey Classic Car Race (USA), which has attracted more than 500 vintage cars to Monterey, California Participate in the Mazda Laguna Seca circuit.
    Rolex also sponsored events that showcased the charm of classic cars instead of their racing performance, including the Pebble Bay Classic Car Race (USA), which began in 1950, which showcased the most avant-garde models of the time. Today, this prestigious race is held every year in Pebble Bay, California, bringing together the most eye-catching vintage cars. After 1997, Rolex became its official chronograph.
    Other events include the Pebble Bay Classic Car Parade (USA) sponsored by Rolex, which was established in 1997 to showcase the elegance of cars in motion. In 2007, Rolex became a sponsor of the event.
    The good relationship between Rolex and motorsport extends to two important people in this field. They are witnesses of the quality of Rolex products and spokespersons for the Rolex brand: Sir Jackie Stewart from Scotland, one of the greatest drivers of his time; And Danish driver Tom Christensen, who won a record eight championships at the Le Mans 24 Hours.
    Driven by a passion for excellence and a deep understanding of motorsport, Rolex, the world’s top Swiss watchmaking brand, is committed to nurturing the bond that connects these two prestigious fields, as they tirelessly strive for perfection.
    In addition to motorsport, Rolex also sponsors golf, tennis, sailing, equestrian, skiing, adventure sports and artistic activities.
Legends of motorsport
    Rolex’s spokespersons are legends who have left an indelible mark on their sport. These include racing driver Jackie Stewart and Tom Christensen. Sir Jackie Stewart is undoubtedly a legend in the racing world. The achievement of the Scot born in 1939 made himself one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time. His unwavering commitment to driver safety has dramatically changed the face of motorsport and made him a true “gentleman driver”. He participated in 99 Formula One Green Prix races, winning 27 races and 3 world championships (1969, 1971 and 1978), and 43 times on the podium. After 1969, he became a spokesperson for Rolex.
    Danish driver Tom Christensen won eight championships at the Le Mans 24 Hours from 1997 to 2008, including six consecutive championships from 2000 to 2005. In this world’s oldest and most prestigious car endurance race, he set the record for the most wins. As an iconic figure in the sport, he also won six times in the Sebring 12-hour endurance race, becoming the holder of the championship record for the event held in Florida, USA every year. In 2010, he became a spokesperson for Rolex.

Automatic Mechanical Watch With The Highest Comfort

Girard Perregaux is a real producer (meaning they produce at least one movement in the industry). This unique movement is driven by the GP033C0 movement, which is a very powerful Self-winding mechanical movement, the movement is also decorated with 63 gems. It runs at 28800vph (or 4 Hz, which is the most common speed for automatic mechanical motion), with a 46-hour power reserve.
    The World Time feature displays all time zones simultaneously on its panel. The secret of its unique system lies in the coupling mechanism used to drive the ring that displays 24 time zones (represented by 24 cities). The hour hand has a day and night contrast function, which makes it easier for people to see the time.
    The interior that can be seen through its sapphire cover is an example of the finest watchmaking tradition: the circular pattern on the motherboard, the Geneva ripples of the bridge, the natural swing of the wrist to make the coils rotate automatically, and the blue steel screws. The folding buckle on the matte black short-nosed crocodile leather strap ensures maximum comfort for the wearer. There is also a steel bracelet type strap with full satin interior.
    This watch has replaced many other watches, including gold and titanium, but it will never replace a stainless steel case. It is the first stainless steel case in this series, the same size as the previous model, with a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 13.4 mm.

Luxury And Elegant Cartier Pavilion At The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair

On September 29th, 2014, the ‘Hats and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Fair, the annual event of the high-end watch industry, was grandly opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. With a history of 150 years, Cartier has written a glorious chapter for the history of magnificent and ingenious jewellery and watches. Cartier’s name is as dazzling as its jewelry, and the light cannot be overlooked.

  The Cartier Pavilion is as luxurious, elegant and noble as ever, with the Catier logo on the red background. Although it is just a few simple letters, it carries a long history and superb watchmaking skills.

  Visitors are constantly flowing. Under the guidance of staff, they have a better understanding of Cartier’s new products and a better understanding of the production of high-end watches. This is not only a watch exhibition, but also a party of countless watch enthusiasts.

  On the wall, a large picture of Cartier’s new model is displayed, and the screen is constantly changing screens, creating a variety of visit modes for visitors, which shows the intention of the brand.

  The Cartier clocks hanging on the wall make people seem to travel through the gallery of clocks and clocks. Looking back at those classic watches, the classics of yesterday are still in sight.

  At the same time, the special report team of the Watch House has also rushed to the scene of the Hong Kong Watch Fair to bring you the freshest and most current watch information. For more details about the 2014 Hong Kong Watch Fair, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Breitling Launches Navitimer 01 Black Steel Ljrg Special Limited Watch

Recently, the famous watch brand Breitling has launched a new Navitimer 01 black steel LJRG special limited edition watch. The case is made of black steel and has a diameter of 46 mm. It is equipped with a rotating bezel with a circular flight ruler and a sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating.

   It is equipped with the Swiss-made Breitling Caliber 01 self-winding movement, equipped with a black oscillating weight, 47 stones, a frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz), and can provide up to 70 hours of power reserve. COSC certified, with hours, minutes, 1/4 seconds, 30 minutes (3 o’clock position) and 12 hours (6 o’clock position) cumulative time, and date display (between 4 and 5 o’clock) functions.
   The dial is grey in Stratos, decorated with black steel hands and indexes coated with Luminous fluorescent material, red chronograph seconds hand, and dark black sub-dial. Has a Navitimer black rubber strap, decorated with tread patterns of aircraft tires, and black steel PVD folding buckle.
   It is reported that the Breitling Navitimer 01 black steel LJRG special watch is limited to 50 pieces and is only available for sale by Luxury Jewelers Resource Group retailers.

Iwc Launches Zidane Special Limited Edition Automatic Watch

In May 2010, IWC launched a new special edition watch, which will continue its cooperation with star Zidane perfectly. The Swiss watchmaker further praised the star player’s unique style with the ‘Large Engineer Automatic Watch Zidane Limited Edition’. Zidane himself participated in the design of this watch. The watch is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. IWC launched the second watch for the sports ambassador. This large engineer’s automatic watch Zidane special edition with a sturdy engineer’s case is another unique and outstanding high-quality timepiece presented by this Swiss watch company. In addition to the extraordinary power provided by the IWC-manufactured 51113 movement, the exquisite craftsmanship it displays is also the same as the talent of the star Zida. The large barrel, powered by the highly efficient Pellaton automatic winding system, provides a seven-day power reserve for this watch. This powerful movement has a diameter of 37.8 millimeters and a 45.5 millimeter steel case, which has become another outstanding men’s watch produced by Schaffhausen. Zidane, 1.85 meters tall, still maintains an excellent figure after three years of retirement. This watch is perfect for wearing on your wrist. IWC Schaffhausen adopted the color of the French national team flag on the first Zidane watch, while the new large-scale engineer automatic watch Zidane special edition watch reflects the personal taste of the star. This watch has a dark brown dial, and the Arabic numeral ’10’ in the watch is highlighted in bright red. Through the transparent sapphire glass case back, you can clearly see the name of the retired star engraved on the winding rotor. The badge is also engraved with the number ’10’-this is the jersey number for Zinedine Zidane during his many years in the French national team. It was in this jersey that he wore that he led ‘Équipe Tricolore’ (Blue Corps) to numerous victories and successfully won the 1998 World Cup.
    Zidane himself personally participated in the color matching and personalization of this large engineer’s automatic watch, named after him and limited to 500 pieces worldwide. The case of this limited edition watch is engraved with the words ‘ONE OUT OF 500’ on the side at 9 o’clock. The dark brown crocodile leather strap matches the dial’s tone and is very comfortable to wear.

Time Chain Overlapping On The Wrist

When the watch became the woman’s primary decoration, the design of the watch also changed dramatically. The more feminine and artistic bracelet-style fashion watch became a favorite for girls: delicate ceramics Metal steel chains, pearl gemstones adorned with bronze bracelets, and interlocking light silver rings are jumping sparkling gemstones. And this season, the overlapping of bracelet watches and different styles of bracelets has become a decorative compulsory course of fashion ICON.
  Delicate woman heart elegant style on the chain
  Watch & Accessories
  The dark red ceramic chain links of the watch complement the dark red woven wide bracelet. The delicate metal material and the exotic weaving process are cleverly superimposed together, showy and elegant.
UcciGucci Marina Chain models use high-tech dark red ceramic materials, smooth surface and cobblestone-like links are quite textured. The ruby-gloss ceramic material of the watch combined with the mirror surface creates a jewel-like beauty. The new surface, slender hour markers and elegant oval hands perfectly fit the curve and round links of the case. Giles & Brother dark red woven wide bracelet
Exaggerated metal material with dark red leather weaving process, delicate vertical and horizontal lines, old texture of metal and leather, large, eye-catching, wild.
Pink one-shoulder top with flesh pink silk skirt pants of the same hue, jumping red high heels and red decorative necklace echo. The dark red texture of the bracelet watch and the wide bracelet, the effect of stacking becomes the finishing touch.
Watch & Accessories
Three materials, three types of superimposed wear, the same silver metal texture. The steel material of the watch matches the silver braided bracelet, which is interspersed with a sparkling diamond bracelet. The different silver materials on the dotted line show the fashionable style.
超级 A diamond bracelet with super luster, the whole is connected by diamonds with cut surfaces. With a silver prismatic braided bracelet, tough and beautiful collision, neutral and charming blend. Bvlgari B.zero1 series bracelet watch
Stainless steel case, mother-of-pearl dial, hour-setting diamonds. Even the watch ring is also made of stainless steel. The clever bracelet-like design has both practical and decorative functions, which meets the needs of women in modern cities.
Army green pleated tailor dress, set with nude high-heeled shoes with precious stones. The fine gray tone handbag and the bright silver watch and bracelet form the perfect hue. The low-key and high-key look match the metallic sheen from simplicity.