Athens Watch Ulysse Nardin Launches A Classic Ludwig Perpetual Calendar Replica

Since 1846, UlysseNardin has been making innovative and precise timepieces. To this end, naval commanders and merchant ship captains around the world have begun to look for Athenian nautical astronomical clocks and observatory pocket watches. The Athens watch in Le Roque, Switzerland, always releases stunning and award-winning watches every few years.

A tribute to the glorious history of the Athenian watch-a new classic

These mechanical watches provide collectors and watchmakers in Switzerland with a stable and timeless source of design inspiration.
Today, Athens Watch launches the Classic Perpetual Ludwig with its heritage mission, paying tribute to its glorious history.
Classic Ludwig Perpetual Calendar Watch: Dr. Ludwig Oklin, a watchmaker, excels at finding direct solutions to the most complex problems. The realization of the idea that simplicity is beauty has become the driving force behind the creation of the first perpetual calendar watch launched in 1996. This watch features unprecedented features in the field of fine watchmaking-a crown can be adjusted forward and backward to display the calendar, and only contains very few parts. This year’s classic Ludwig Perpetual Calendar watch is a tribute to the legendary work of the Athenian watch. This classic model is driven by the UN-33 calendar calendar movement. The watch is made of a stainless steel case with a diameter of 41 mm. The dial is equipped with a large double window calendar, which can display the year, month, day, week and small seconds. The streamlined case highlights the silver dial and blue hands, and is water-resistant to 30 meters.
Technical Information
Model: 333-900
Movement: UN-33 movement
Power reserve: about 48 hours
Winding method: automatic winding
Functions: Perpetual calendar function, single crown adjustment of all functions; large date display at 2 o’clock with double window; central month and day display at dial; year display at 6 o’clock; small seconds at 9 o’clock
Case: stainless steel case
Dial: Silver finish
Diameter: 41 mm
Water resistance: 30 meters
Surface: anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Case back: sapphire crystal glass case back
Strap: leather strap with pin buckle

Inheritance And Innovation Baselworld 2019 Tag Heuer Tag Heuer New Products Summary

Autavia is TAGHeuer’s first chronograph with an official name, it is also TATAGeuer’s first chronograph with a rotating bezel, or it was created by Jack Heuer at the age of 30 for the company At the Baselworld 2019, TAGHeuer launched Autavia as a stand-alone product series, presenting seven new timepieces of different styles and starting a new adventure.

TAGHeuer Autavia Bronze Green Dial (Model: WBE5190.FC8268)


   This watch is made of bronze and has a diameter of 42 mm. It is equipped with anti-glare sapphire crystal, beveled lugs, XL-size crown, and a black ceramic two-way rotating bezel with a 60-minute scale. Meter. The green smoked dial is decorated with rhodium-plated and coated SuperLuminova® time markers and hands, ensuring perfect identification even in dark environments. The date window is at 6 o’clock. The bronze case with the green dial, the wonderful combination exudes a retro look.

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   The grey smoked dial is decorated with rhodium-plated and coated SuperLuminova® hour markers and hands, ensuring perfect identification even in dark environments. The date window is located at 6 o’clock and the white text on a black background is easy to read. The word ‘Isograph’ decorated above it refers to the Isograph carbon composite spring. The registered trademark Isograph comes from the Greek iso, meaning ‘equal’, and symbolizes the stability and consistency of the operation of the part.

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   The new watch inherits the versatility, sturdiness and reliability of the original Autavia watch, which came out in the 1960s. At the same time, it is equipped with the advanced Isograph carbon composite hairspring. This watch is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 42 mm. It is equipped with anti-reflective sapphire crystal, beveled lugs, XL-size crown, and a two-way steel bezel with a 60-minute scale.

For more details, please click: In addition, Autavia watches also offer blue dial and bezel with brown leather strap (model: WBE5112.FC8266), black dial and bezel with brown leather strap (model: WBE5110.FC8266), blue dial and bezel with stainless steel bracelet and NATO strap (model: WBE5112.EB0173), and bronze case, brown dial and bezel with brown calfskin strap (model: WBE5191. FC8276)

TAGHeuer NANOGRAPH nano watch (model: CAR5A8K.FT6172)


   The new Calera CalibreHeuer02T tourbillon NANOGRAPH nanometer watch pioneered the application of patented carbon composite spring material, which comprehensively enhances the performance of the built-in movement and the overall watch, leading the industry innovation. The skeletonized dial has a multi-layered structure, decorated with hexagons, and black gold-plated SuperLuminova® fluorescent hands and time markers, ensuring perfect recognition even in dark environments. 12 hours (9 o’clock), 30 minutes (3 o’clock) and the top of the central chronograph seconds hand are neon green dotted for easy readability.

   Carbon composite hairsprings have multiple advantages: lightweight, low-density hairsprings are hardly affected by gravity and vibration; the structure is conducive to promoting concentric oscillations, improving the accuracy of the watch; completely antimagnetic; adapting to temperature changes and aeroelasticity. Carbon composite hairspring not only shocked the traditional watchmaking world, but also enhanced the performance of TAG Heuer models equipped with chronometer-certified movements.

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Making The Pinnacle Of Crafts Tasting Vacheron Constantin Métiers D’ Art Zodiac Legend Series Of The Year Of The Snake Watch

As a part of Chinese traditional culture, the zodiac has been more and more accepted by the world. At the same time, the annual ‘Zodiac Great Conversion’ has also become a design gimmick for many brands. Among them, the watch industry The brand is no exception. In 2013, we ushered in the Chinese Year of the Snake. Vacheron Constantin added an extraordinary member to the Métiers d’Art series. The legend of the Chinese Zodiac. The year is a cycle, one per year, a total of twelve extraordinary timepieces. The first watch to be launched was the “Year of the Snake” watch, which represents the periodicity, temptation and elegance of time. The official model of the 950 platinum model is 86073 / 000P-9752, and the official model of the 18K rose gold model is 86073 / 000R-9751.

   Since its founding in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has always been the leader in exquisite decoration technology, and has been persistent in the pursuit of craftsmanship. It is this enthusiasm that has allowed this watch manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland, to demonstrate its core values ​​– including its constant pursuit of superior technology, and its openness and unconditional support for local and foreign artistic expressions around the world .

   China’s paper-cutting art has been classified as a ‘intangible cultural heritage’ by the United Nations. According to the principle of paper-cutting, people cut out twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac on paper. This process needs to make full use of the blank space of the paper to maximize the paper-cutting process. Vacheron Constantin relies on its experienced and extraordinary craftsmen to take up this challenge and apply it to watchmaking. Through the cooperation of sculptors and enamel masters, this chronology of snakes is created in pink gold or Made of platinum, each limited to 12 pieces, available only at Vacheron Constantin stores.

   The leaf pattern on the dial is derived from traditional Chinese images and is directly etched on metal. The pattern uses a semi-embedded design. Through a stage composed of multiple reliefs, it slowly rises from the golden base to create an attractive depth. The rising leaves are as elegant as floating on the dial. Beautiful.

   It only took at least 30 hours to carve the part of the snake scales. Through this creation, the craftsman showed us a tangible artistic vision.

   The serpentine pattern is inlaid in the center of the dial, it is quietly dormant, as if ready to circle out of the sapphire crystal surface at any time, the effect is shocking and lifelike.

   This is followed by the Great Fire Enamel stage. Only a handful of artisans have mastered this technology invented in Geneva. By using several layers of enamel, the enamel master further enhances the visual expression of the blue or bronze dial. When the enamel dial is fired in a kiln at about 800 to 900 degrees Celsius, the color and response can still be tightly controlled, which requires a specific reasoning judgment, a technology that takes years to master. Then, before the last firing process, the last layer of enamel should be applied to give the dial a shiny glass texture and make the flower pattern more visible.

   The Year of the Snake is the first timepiece of the Métiers d’ Art Chinese Zodiac Legend series watch, giving a unique soul to a watch with the Geneva Seal. The watch has four windows to display the hour, minute, day of the week and date. The first two displays are sliding, while the latter two are skipped, each appearing through four windows around the central dial pattern.

   Métiers d’ Art Chinese Legendary Zodiac Series watches owe their superior craftsmanship to the 2460 G4 movement. Vacheron Constantin inherits its long tradition of designing with many original display functions. The self-winding mechanical movement used by the watch vibrates at 28,800 times per hour. It has a rotor made of 22K gold and decorated with vibrant geometry. Pattern, inspired by the brand’s historic symbol, the cross shape of Malta. All parts have been specially polished to meet the exacting requirements of the Geneva Seal. The Geneva Seal was created in 1886 and is one of the most demanding signs of fine watchmaking. It is world-renowned. This year marks the 125th anniversary of the Geneva Seal, and the original 12 guidelines have been updated. The new Geneva mark has been extended from the movement to the entire watch.

Summary: This watch can be called a top watch in terms of craftsmanship and perfect mechanical structure, but the limited number of 12 pieces each seems to have turned it into a myth. At the same time, I am afraid that we can only admire the pictures. In fact, whether such a watch is a marketing gimmick or a heritage of ancient craftsmanship, it shows us that human beings in the watchmaking industry continue to move forward without giving up the most traditional watchmaking concepts. It is precisely because of this that many brands can be invincible in many competing products.

950 platinum watch details:
vacheron / 27554 /

18K rose gold watch details:
vacheron / 27553 /

Dazzling Fabulous Review Of The Jaeger-lecoultre Dating Tourbillon Watch

Designed specifically for women who love luxury and precision watchmaking, the 39mm diameter tourbillon watch is the perfect crystallization of a long watchmaking tradition and superb craftsmanship. This timepiece is equipped with an automatic movement and is equipped with one of the most prestigious and fascinating horological complications: the tourbillon. Jaeger-LeCoultre ingeniously combines precision watchmaking with aesthetic design. Through the gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl inlaid decoration of this jewellery, you can see the swirling movement, which moves continuously every minute. Today, the Watch House brings to you the Jaeger-LeCoultre date series tourbillon watch, the official model number: 3413430.

   Jaeger-LeCoultre uses this unique work to promote the design concept of pursuing the ultimate detail and the art of diamond inlay, so that the diamond blooms into the heart.

   This watch has a case diameter of 39 mm, and the case is made of 18K white gold. The diamond inlaid with unique methods makes this watch dazzling and dazzling.

   This watch uses a sapphire crystal glass, which has a clear light transmission, which sets off the fire of delicate diamonds.

   The crown with a triangular pit design is made of 18K white gold, and the side of the crown is also inlaid with several delicate diamonds. It rotates comfortably and makes the winding a luxurious experience.

   The thickness of this watch is 12.4 millimeters. The thickness of the case is subtly modified by a beautifully inlaid diamond band on the side of the case. In addition, the watch as a whole looks moderate in thickness and exquisite.

   The shape of the lugs is concise, and the diamond decoration not only makes the inconspicuous lugs dazzling, but also the 18K white gold looks more delicate and elegant.

   This watch is equipped with a light purple alligator leather strap and an 18K white gold double folding buckle. The strap is exquisite leather, comfortable to wear, and the natural crocodile leather pattern shows a noble taste.

   Two elegant 18K white gold sword-shaped hands, paired with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s signature floral Arabic numeral hour markers, outline the charm of time in an elegant manner.

   The diamonds on the dial are alternately set with baguette-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut round diamonds. While presenting a new look, the traditional style is retained. The original gem setting technology makes the beautiful diamonds shine brilliantly.

   The tourbillon at 6 o’clock on the dial contains a small arrow-shaped triangle second hand. The hollow tourbillon design has a perfect combination of long-standing traditional watchmaking technology and exquisite jewellery inlay technology, showing a timeless beauty.

   A sapphire crystal is embedded in the case back. The exquisitely crafted movement is visible at a glance. This watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 978 automatic mechanical movement, which consists of 302 parts, including 33 One jewel bearing, the movement frequency is 28800 times / hour, which can provide a power reserve of about 48 hours.

Summary: Jaeger-LeCoultre selects and arranges gemstones with its increasingly sophisticated technology. Not only does it not require any support, the excess material between gemstones also disappears. Alternately set with baguette-cut diamonds and round diamonds, the new look is preserved while retaining the traditional style. The original gem setting technology is carefully arranged according to the natural properties of the gem, so that the diamonds with good color can shine brilliantly. The light of the gem has never been so dazzling and dazzling. The incomparable dial and the iconic model that highlights the beauty of women are a perfect match.

Athens Watch Limited Edition Gold Watch ‘adventure’

‘The Santa Maria’ is the most heroic sailing merchant ship of the navigator Christopher Columbus. The crew called her ‘Brave Maria’. The ‘Santa Maria’ was magnificent and daring to take risks. It was Columbus’s flagship when it first sailed in 1492. Relative to the other two ships of the fleet, La Ni 愀 and La Pinta, Santa Maria is known for its fearlessness and the most important in history. One of the ships.
Classic ‘Santa Maria’ Gold limited edition watch

Combining extraordinary craftsmanship and unparalleled precision, the Athens Classico ‘Santa Maria’ gilt limited edition watch is based on this noble ship and its adventure story. Using traditional and precious filigree enamel craftsmanship, combined with detailed enamel art, this is a tribute to the courage and fearlessness of the ‘Santa Maria’. The Athenian craftsmen used vivid colors to carefully craft every detail according to strict specifications. Against the deep blue sky, the ‘Santa Maria’ erected masts and sails, and the flag on the top of the mast fluttered in the wind. .

Classico ‘Santa Maria’ 限量 Gold limited edition watch is as fearless as its name. The watch needs to be carefully crafted. The entire production process takes more than 50 hours and 26 processes to complete a dial manually. Each dial is made by an experienced enamel master using a detailed enamel painting technique to accurately produce a unique artwork. The production process is one of the most complex artistic trainings, combining sophisticated skills with a stable pair of skilled hands. Athenaeum revivals this once-lost decorative art, only a few artists can master the tricks.
The entire production process takes more than 50 hours and 26 processes before a dial can be completed manually.

Classico ‘Santa Maria’ 限量 Gold limited edition watch has a stunning appearance, of course, it also needs to be equipped with a precise movement. Equipped with UN-815 self-winding movement, COSC certified by Swiss official observatory, power reserve of 42 hours.

Classico ‘Santa Maria’ 限量 Gold limited edition watch is as original and exquisite as other watches in the Athens enamel painting series. Available in 18K white or rose gold, each limited edition is limited to 30 pieces.

圣 ‘Santa Maria’ crossed the Atlantic Ocean, proudly witnessed ocean adventures, and wrote an important page of world history. The Athens Classico ‘Santa Maria’ gilt limited edition watch also contributed to the exquisite enamel craftsmanship.

This ‘banana’ Is Very Hot. Tissot Prince’s Classic New Four Styles From 2950 Yuan

This year, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot launched a unique prince classic centennial watch to commemorate the Tissot ‘Banana’ watch launched in 1916. Its name comes from the curved case designed to fit the curvature of the wrist. The design of this watch is very rare nowadays, so it has attracted much attention since its launch at the beginning of the year. When we visited the Tissot Store in Beijing’s Oriental Plaza, we came across this unique and classic watch and learned that it was just launched. Let’s enjoy it together: (watch model: T117.509.36.022.00)

   In 1916, a watch of the brand was sold to Russia, and returned to Tissot for repair in August 1917 a year later. However, due to restrictions on the import of gold watches and the outbreak of the October Revolution, Tissot was unable to return the repaired watches. The inspiration for the Tissot HERITAGE centennial watch is inspired by this ancient story, designed to commemorate a regrettable trip that happened 100 years ago.

   The square case of this commemorative watch is made of 316L stainless steel PVD coating, which is delicate and luxurious, which is impressive. The curved case can fit the wrist more perfectly, showing a soft outline, reflecting the innovative art nouveau style. The crown is engraved with the Tissot brand logo pattern, and the surrounding is finely textured, which not only facilitates debugging, but also represents common elegance and full of ornamentality.

   The golden rectangular dial and black digital hour markers of various sizes present a strong sense of the times and have a unique connotation. At 12 o’clock, the nostalgic and classic logo of Tissot is contrasted with the two central blue needles to restore the original classic shape again.

   Dense bottom technology, the bottom cover is made of the same material as the case. After careful treatment by the brand, it can fit the wrist of the wearer more perfectly, and the texture is more comfortable. Equipped with a quartz movement to ensure the accurate movement of the watch.

   The smooth vintage dark brown crocodile leather strap has a delicate and silky touch, adding a touch of maturity and retro charm to the wrist.

   With a butterfly buckle, it is very convenient to wear the watch.

Summary: It is worth mentioning that this watch has a variety of styles to choose from, the case has not only gold models, rose gold models and steel models to choose from (including gold-plated models for 3700 yuan, steel models for 2950 yuan ). The strap is also matched with a black strap and a dark brown leather strap to meet the different needs of customers. This watch is the brand’s hot watch this year. Compared with the previous precious metal model, the price is very close. If you like it, you may wish to enter the brand store for details.
More details:
   This quotation was collected on November 8, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Dealer Name]: Tissot Beijing Oriental Plaza Tissot Store
[Dealer Address]: AA03 Tissot Flagship Store, 1st Floor, Oriental Plaza, No. 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-8518 1181 Please call us as a ‘watch home’ user

Gp Girardet Celebrates The Brand’s 225 Years Of Legend

225 unique watch masterpieces, paying tribute to 225 years of glorious history. Girard Perregaux launches the unprecedented and classic series ‘Girard Perregaux Place Girardet’. Each watch has a unique and exquisite dial design. For the first time, the brand’s most iconic ‘Pont d’or’ Golden Bridge and The Microvar balance perfectly integrates and commemorates this unparalleled year with an extraordinary design concept.

 Girard Perregaux’s new automatic movement and the “Pont d’ or” golden bridge hollow dial show the beauty of the variable inertia Microvar balance wheel. Each watch in this engraved series has a small gold plate on the dial and is engraved with the year from 1791 to 2016. The iconic numbers start in 1791, an important year for Girard-Perregaux, as the highlight of each watch, symbolizing an important milestone for the brand in that year. The brand has also carefully added a unique design to each watch: the dial of each watch has different styles of scales, minute scales and embellishments, including wheat texture and cross-knit twist, satin or sandblasting effects, etc., clever The concept and unique design are enough to highlight the uniqueness of each watch.

The essence of superb watchmaking
 In 1791, Jean-François Bautte, the founder of GP Girard-Perregaux, first introduced precision timepieces, which kicked off the GP Girard-Perregaux legend. He brought together many elite watchmakers and founded a watchmaking workshop. So far, the exquisite watchmaking technology laid down by GP Girard-Perregaux watches has been used to this day and has become a unique feature of the brand. To ensure that each watchmaking process reaches a superb and perfect level, even the final processing is meticulous and strives for excellence.

 Girard-Perregaux’s independent business model also gives the brand maximum freedom to innovate. More than 80 patents accumulated over two centuries are the best proof. The Girard-Perregaux Place GP Girardet collection recalls the many glorious moments of this legend. For example, as early as 1889, GP Girard-Perregaux has won the Paris World Expo Gold Medal with the ‘Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon’; this great masterpiece has brought the development of tourbillon watches into a completely new realm and officially opened the history of watchmaking. Pinnacle of journey. In 1966, the brand created the ‘Gyromatic HF of 1966’ with the first high-frequency movement with a frequency of 36,000 times per hour. Watches equipped with this movement possess an excellent level of performance. This movement also made GP Girard-Perregaux win the ‘Observatory Centennial Award’ awarded by the Canton of Neuchâtel, in recognition of GP Girard-Perregaux’s extraordinary achievements in research and development.

 GP Girard-Perregaux has always taken innovation as its responsibility, and continues to maintain the brand’s absolute leadership in technology. In 2008, the brand created another revolutionary and innovative legend, the ‘constant power escapement’, which cleverly uses simple physical principles to shock the watch world like never before. After a year, Girard-Perregaux successfully developed the Microvar variable inertia balance in 2009. This breakthrough design is the movement of the GP Girard-Perregaux series. The balance wheel placed in the center of the watch evenly distributes the movement’s power, bringing the famous crisp ‘click’ sound. The unique structure of the Microvar balance is set with six screws, and two inertia weights are set on the edge of the balance. This structure more effectively balances the power and greatly improves the accuracy of the watch. The legend of 225 years of innovative watchmaking, one after another, confirms the brand’s ultimate pursuit of design aesthetics, sophisticated technology and timing precision.
Unique dial aesthetics
 This time, all the styles of the ‘GP Girard-Perregaux Place Girardet’ series are adorned with the brand’s most iconic ‘Pont d’or’ Golden Bridge. At the six o’clock position, the golden bridge was first set on the Microvar balance. The small gold piece at the nine o’clock position is set directly on the movement, making the complex movement’s aesthetics stand out. The short sentence in the center of the watch portrays important moments of the year, including important moments in GP Girard-Perregaux and watchmaking, and important milestones in the cultural, scientific and political spheres. For example, the design symbolizing 1808 is complemented by a taupe dial and ornate carvings in honor of Beethoven’s fifth symphony. The 1963 model with a blue sandblasted dial is a commemoration of the first female astronaut’s space flight. ‘GP Girard-Perregaux Place Girardet’ series uses different colors of decoration, different types of scales and different styles of hands to symbolize different vintage watches.
See the beauty of the balance wheel from the dial
 Since the establishment of the brand in 1791, Girard Perregaux has placed great emphasis on the aesthetics of its dials. ‘GP Girard Perregaux Place Girardet’ series, with a 41 mm diameter rose gold case, the height is only less than 11 mm. The case and lugs extend to a black alligator strap and a rose gold folding clasp. With its sapphire crystal back engraved with the “1791” year of GP Girard Perregaux, the exquisite movement and gold rotor are clearly visible. Girard Perregaux also moves the Microvar variable inertia balance to the side of the dial to show It’s a dynamic beauty never seen before. The eagle has been a symbol of Girard-Perregaux since 1897. It has also become the mark of this special commemorative edition series, finely engraved on the movement. The new GP01800-0005 automatic mechanical movement is a new version of the mechanical movement GP01800. This new GP01800-005 movement has 194 components, displays hours, minutes and central seconds, and has a power reserve of up to 54 hours. GP Girard-Perregaux watchmakers also used traditional techniques to add exquisite decoration to this movement. The main board and gear bridge are decorated with Geneva ripples, and the pendulum is also decorated with a sunburst.
 In order to celebrate this extraordinary year 2016, the “GP Girard-Perregaux Place Girardet” series interprets the exquisite watchmaking skills of more than two centuries with modern aesthetics, and sublimes the brand’s glorious history and watch masterpieces since 1791 Tribute.
Technical Parameters
Material: Rose Gold
Diameter: 41.00 mm
Height: 10.89 mm
Mirror: anti-reflective sapphire
Bottom: Sapphire crystal
Dial: 225 unique dials set or painted with different numbers / scales. The dial design symbolizes different years from 1791 to 2016.
Pointer: Leaf
Water resistance: 30 meters (3 ATM)

Serial number: GP01800-0005, mechanical automatic winding movement
Diameter: 28.50 mm (131/4’’’)
Height: 3.80 mm
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Components: 194
Gems: 31 pieces
Power reserve: at least 54 hours
Functions: hours, minutes, central seconds

Material: Hand-stitched black crocodile belt
Clasp: Rose gold folding clasp

The Value Is So High That I Am Enchanted. Four Fashionable Watches Are Recommended

What is the so-called fashion? To put it simply, the fashion trend that prevailed for a period of time, but even the same color, or the same material, the same theme, different styles will be tailored under the hands of different brand designers. This is the difference between content, and so is the field of watches. They are used to interpret and record time, but present a scene of blossoming flowers. Different brands of watches are telling the story of their respective brands. Next, the Watch House will bring you several watches under the fashion brand. The design style is slightly different from the Swiss watch. Let’s take a look.

  Bvlgari LVCEA Series 102192

Watch comments: What is the status of Bulgari in your heart? This well-known luxury brand already includes not only jewellery, perfume, and leather bags, but now Bulgari’s watches are also outstanding and stand out from many models. The newly launched LVCEA women’s watch series is like a beautiful strange light, which is displayed in front of the world. This series has a variety of watches, this watch number 102192, black dial with sunburst, with rose gold-plated hands, calendar window at 3 o’clock. The round case has a rounded arc, the crown is set with a pink gemstone, and the bracelet of the LVCEA watch is inspired by the Bulgari classic Serpenti series. The scales on the winding bracelet are replaced with polished metal that showcases the architectural geometric aesthetics. Each bracelet is seamlessly linked together. In terms of power, the watch is equipped with a B77 mechanical automatic winding movement, hours, minutes and seconds are displayed, and a 42-hour power reserve.

Basic Information
No. 102192
Brand: Bulgari
Series: LVCEA
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 35,800
For more watch details, please click: GucciBamboo series YA132402 watch

Comment on the watch: Gucci is an Italian fashion brand. Ladies are keen to buy Gucci bags and fashion. Nowadays, fashion brands ‘watches have become the object of ladies’ favor. This GucciYA132402 watch has a diameter of 35 mm. Its round case has a special slub design, which is unique and classic. The brown dial complements the color of the case. The time scale design is simple and self-evident. Roman numerals are used at twelve and six o’clock. At the same time, the typical Gucc logo is also displayed at twelve o’clock. The delicate bracelet chain and cobblestone-like links are quite textured, exuding the elegant charm of women. Presumably the effect will be more intuitive than the pictures. In terms of power, it is equipped with a quartz movement inside, which is precise and durable and waterproof to a depth of 30 meters.

Basic Information
Number: YA132402
Brand: Gucci
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 8,500
For more watch details, please click: Chanel J12 Series H0685 Watch

Comment on the watch: The Chanel J12 series embodies the values ​​advocated by the founder of the brand Gabriel Chanel: bold creativity, innovation, simplicity and purity, neutral temperament, and elegant style. The Chanel J12 watch boldly uses high-tech precision ceramics. This J12 series H0685 watch is classic black, stylish and slightly cool. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the round dial adopts the design of concentric circles. The white Arabic numerals surround the outside of the dial. The calendar display window is located between 4 and 5 o’clock. The white hands make it easy to read. The whole body of black ceramic is really bright. The ceramic bracelet fits the wrist like the second layer of skin. It naturally senses body temperature and is not as cold as metal. Today, the Chanel J12 series has a variety of styles, friends who like the style can also pay attention to other detailed introduction of the Watch House.

Basic Information
Item: H0685
Brand: Chanel
Series: J12
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Unisex
Price: ¥ 45,200
For more watch details, please click: Dior LAMINIDDEDIOR series CD040110A001 watch

Comment on the watch: Dior is like a genius designer. The design that seems to be freewheeling is always memorable. This LAMINIDDEDIOR series CD040110A001 watch has a simple design, whether it is worn daily or at a dance party, it will become a good item on your wrist. The watch has a 19 mm diameter and is very delicate. The stainless steel case is inlaid with a ring of gorgeous diamonds. The crown is also surrounded by diamonds, which echo the diamonds on the bezel. The silver-white mother-of-pearl dial has a simple design, with a sense of transparency. The slender hands rotate regularly, and the brand logo appears at twelve o’clock. The white case with the black strap, the color contrast makes the watch more stylish. This watch also has different styles for consumers to choose from, which is just as versatile.

Basic Information
Number: CD040110A001
Brand: Dior
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 29,000
For more watch details, please click: dior / 21380 /

Summary: Women’s dedication to watches is no less than that of men. They also understand the beauty of machinery and the feelings of creating a masterpiece. Starting from owning a watch, the communication between the wearer and the watch will deepen . With the passage of time, watches will not only become obsolete, but will be more integrated into the precipitation of the years. Today, there are many watch brands, and women’s watches have become an area where major brands compete with each other. Fashion brands use them The way in between shows the track of time. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Atmosphere Is Wonderful, Practical First Blancpain Formal Watch Recommended

Watch, as a soul mate with a suit, is undoubtedly the most important accessory for elites. The exquisite flickering on the wrist is a manifestation of personal taste. Formal watches should not be gorgeous, the atmosphere is wonderful; it should not be complicated, practical first. Blancpain, ‘the founder of classic timepieces’, adheres to the 280-year-old belief in fine watchmaking and presents several pieces of the Villeret series named after its birthplace. They are elegant, simple, thin and light, with hidden details in the delicate details. The concentrated expression of brand style. Another year of job hunting / job-hopping season, let a classic Blancpain timepiece become a subtle existence on the wrist, let the strength bloom in a low-key manner.
The entry point for newcomers to the workplace

Villeret ultra-thin calendar display watch

 This ultra-thin calendar display watch from the Villeret series has a classic appearance and a relatively affordable price. It is an entry style that feels the essence of the brand design. This watch is equipped with Blancpain Cal.1151 self-winding movement, built-in 28 rubies, the thickness of the movement is only 3.37 mm, equipped with a 100-hour power reserve, three-hour position calendar display, accurate travel time, to meet the needs of basic functions . The opalescent round dial is without any extra details and decoration, creating a simple and powerful beauty. Roman numerals, traditional willow-shaped hands, high-quality crocodile leather straps and a light, streamlined shape all reveal noble origins and extraordinary temperament.
Practical options for trapeze

Villeret Series Power Reserve Watch

 For those who travel frequently or need to communicate with the world at any time, the time zone display of the two places is a very useful business function. In 2011, Blancpain launched the Villeret series’ first half-time zone and eight-day power reserve watch in two places. The wearer can adjust the second time zone in a 30-minute span, making the global shuttle easy. The watch is equipped with a Cal.5235DF movement specially developed by the Blancpain movement factory. This self-winding movement consists of 324 parts with three barrels, guaranteeing stable release of power within 8 days. The oscillating weight is made of titanium, which improves the energy efficiency and reduces the effect of temperature changes on the oscillating weight to ensure accurate timing. The button at the top of the crown is used to switch between quick proof time and half-time zone adjustment. Adjusting the reference time automatically adjusts the time in the second time zone accordingly. Moreover, the wearer can adjust the date at any time without any worry, without fear of damage to the movement. In appearance, the 42mm dial has the date, day and night, second time zone, and date adjustment or time zone adjustment indication functions. The semi-domed white fired white enamel dial sets off the original and exquisite craftsmanship of Blancpain watchmakers.
Unconventional personality choice

Villeret series ultra-thin small seconds retrograde watch

 Tired of the job at hand? Tired of the regular white dial? This ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch will make you easily break away from the traditional dress watch, showing the extraordinary style of the professional in the workplace. Also from the Villeret ultra-thin series, the timepiece is equipped with Blancpain Cal.7663 self-winding movement, with a 65-hour power reserve and a distinctive retrograde function. Located at 6 o’clock is the 30-second retrograde small dial. The center point of the small second hand is the radial center point of the sun pattern. The movement is infinitely emitted in all directions, like a ray of light, creating an incomparable three-dimensional depth. The 18K rose gold case, the slender hands, and the dark brown alligator leather strap subtly break the solemnity of the dial, adding a bit of playfulness to the details, which is worthy of deep reflection.
Romantic choice for nostalgic gentlemen

Villeret semi-hunting moon phase watch

 Choosing a formal watch with moon phase function can reveal the wearer’s appropriate romantic feelings, not to mention this retro-looking Villeret series semi-hunting moon phase watch. The case is made of rose gold with warm tones, and the dial is decorated with pure and pure protein colors, which blends modern and retro in classics. The adjustment of the complicated calendar is a very troublesome event. The movement structure is also easy to be damaged during the adjustment. The patented adjustment device designed by Blancpain has solved the difficulty. This device is located below the lugs, making the watch more simple and refreshing. The wearer does not need professional tools, and only needs to lightly touch the fingertip to complete the adjustment process. In addition, Blancpain’s dedicated automatic movement is equipped with anti-magnetic scale and two barrels, and has a 72-hour power reserve, ensuring that the workplace elites can still rest easy under high-intensity work.

New Constellation Series Manhattan Women’s Watch Released Omega Inspired Muse Gathered In Shanghai

Since its inception in 1952, the Constellation series has represented Omega’s pursuit of precise control and elegance in the field of watchmaking. Launched in 1982, the Omega Constellation Manhattan Watch has been favored by women, and it is not outdated today. Now, the Omega Constellation series has a new chapter. At the Shanghai World Expo Creative Show, a grand launch dinner of the new Manhattan ladies watch was held to celebrate the extraordinary innovation of the classic Constellation series. Follow the footsteps of the Watch House and see what new upgrades Omega has made ~

Omega’s new Constellation series Manhattan ladies watch grand launch dinner

Omega’s New Constellation Manhattan Lady’s Watch

 Omega’s New Constellation Manhattan Lady’s Watch

Classic design, new upgrade

Omega New Constellation Manhattan Women’s Watch Sedna®k Gold Case Mother Of Pearl Dial Diamond Bezel

New Ladies Constellation Manhattan Watch offers 101 models


   Friends who are familiar with Omega know that the Manhattan watch launched in 1982 opened the modern style of the Omega Constellation Women’s Watch. This year, the new Constellation Manhattan Lady’s watch has upgraded the classic design elements of the 1982 prototype model and provided up to 101 models. Omega’s exclusive Sedna® 18K gold is also the first Used to create Constellation ladies watches. To match the newly designed bezel, the design of the constellation’s iconic supporting claws is also more slender, and the overall appearance of the watch looks more harmonious. The watch is equipped with an adjustable buckle decorated with a half-moon facet and engraved with the Omega brand name and logo. The buckle can be extended by 2 mm, making it more comfortable to wear.

Fine polishing, more feminine

 The crown’s toothy texture is upgraded to a more delicate half-moon shape, which contrasts with the classic half-moon cut surface.

   The new Constellation series watches have been more polished, with new chamfers on the case and bracelet sides. These polished chamfered edges make the watch look more subtle, but also highlight the feminine femininity, adding a refined feel to the watch.

 Dial details

   The new Constellation Manhattan Women’s Watch is available in six color dials. In addition, the watch’s calendar window has been moved to the 6 o’clock position, and it is equipped with slim hollow leaf-shaped hands.

 New Omega Constellation Series Manhattan Jewelry Watch Trial Map
   The Watch House tried on the scene a new and special Manhattan women’s watch. Its bezel was set with diamonds, the dial was made of mother-of-pearl, and it was decorated with emerald hour markers, adding more to the watch. Feminine femininity.

Inspiration Muse gathers in Shanghai to deliver confidence and extraordinary

   At the dinner, four omega beloved inspirational muse-Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Alessandra Ambrosio and Liu Shishi made a surprise appearance, and together they made a surprise appearance. Light up the constellation night. They all wear a new Omega Constellation Manhattan jewelry watch. The watch case is 28 mm in diameter, the dial is made of Australian white Opal, and the 12-hour scale is decorated with delicately cut rubies, which are beautifully contrasted with the red dresses of four celebrity ambassadors. As outstanding women in their respective fields, they shine with the beautiful self-confidence and extraordinary temperament conveyed by the Constellation series.

(From left) Omega Celebrity Ambassador Liu Shishi, Nicole Kidman, Omega Global President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann, Omega Celebrity Ambassador Cindy Crawford and Alexander Ambrosio in the new Constellation series Group photo at the grand launch dinner of the ladies’ watch in Manhattan

New Omega Constellation Manhattan Jewelry Watch White Opal Dial Ruby Hour Scale

   Omega Global President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann said at the dinner: ‘Omega Constellation watches have always been favored by many women from different countries and backgrounds. Therefore, this time we are very honored to invite Four outstanding female friends from the Omega family gathered here to celebrate the achievements of the Constellation series in the field of women’s watches. The presence of Nicole, Cindy, Poetry and Alexander at the same time was a testament to their commitment Love and respect of the Omega Constellation series. ‘

At the dinner, four omega beloved inspirations, Muse Liu Shishi (second from left), Cindy Crawford (third from left), Nicole Kidman (third from right), Alexander Ambrosio (second from right) The story of each and the Omega Constellation.

Cindy Crawford has a special affinity with constellation watches. She participated in the design of the constellation series in 1995. At the event, she said: ‘I have witnessed the continuous development and changes of the Omega Constellation series in the past few decades. Every new upgrade design has impressed me. Constellation series watches have a very classic design. The watch proves that the design of the Constellation series also incorporates contemporary fashion elements. ‘
As one of the most influential supermodels in the world, Alexander Ambrosio said: ‘I like fashion that can transcend time. The constellation series is a model. For decades after its birth, its style has continued. The enduring charm is the hallmark of a truly classic design. ‘
Oscar actor Nicole Kidman has made countless collections of Omega and Constellation watches. At the event, she shared with guests: ‘I have been working with Omega for a long time, and I know it is a watchmaking brand that always values ​​watch quality and technological innovation. Constellation watches can fully reflect this watchmaking concept. The new Constellation Manhattan ladies watch is fully upgraded in details, making the watch more elegant and more comfortable to wear. ‘
Liu Shishi, a well-known Chinese actress and Omega ambassador, said: ‘It is a great honor to be here as an Omega ambassador for celebrities in China. I am also honored to be here with these three outstanding women around , Share our story with Omega. ‘

Pianist Stephen Ridley brings a live performance at the dinner

New constellation series Manhattan women’s watch ad campaign by famous photographer Damon Baker

   At the dinner, pianist Stephen Ridley brought a wonderful performance. In addition, Omega also unveiled a new constellation series of Manhattan women’s watch commercials performed by Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Alexander Ambrosio and Liu Shishi. Photographed by the famous photographer Damon Baker, this set of photos fully shows the beauty and power of four outstanding women.

  Since 1982, the fifth generation of this famous model of the Omega Constellation Manhattan Watch has been launched, and every design detail fully demonstrates Omega’s high pursuit of exquisite appearance and precision performance in watchmaking technology. Time flies, but classics are immortal. Now, let’s start the exploration of the new Manhattan watch! (Picture / Wenqi Pagoda)